How to Release Your True Self

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said something nice to yourself?

In fact if I asked you to write a list of all the things you didn’t like about yourself, I wonder how many negativities you would come up with? It’s amazing how skilled we are at picking out all the things we are useless at, where we lack skills, what we don’t like about our bodies, and all the barrages that cement themselves to the humungous brick wall created in our minds; stopping us from doing something, or be someone! Why are we programmed to think in this way?

Imagine a world where everyone gave compliments to each other every single day, people displayed acts of kindness with an altruistic nature, expecting nothing in return. Imagine how amazing it would be if every woman and man accepted themselves as they were, without being in competition or having bouts of ego, jealousy and dissonance.

We are constantly surrounded by other people’s negativity, people’s stories about why they can’t be happy. Why they can’t do the things they deeply desire, and the fulfilment they desperately lack. The illusion of blame rears its pointy finger and hurls out fire balls as the words are spoken. “I can’t, I won’t, because, it’s not my fault, he said, she said”!

Other people’s excuses can have a profound influence on our progress too. Subconsciously we take in their negativity and therefore attach their beliefs to our own, even though there was a point where we were feeling the opposite beforehand! However building up awareness is key, because YOU can decide what to mindfully digest and what you decide to throw into the trash can. If you are working around others during the day, notice how it makes you feel when someone speaks of negativity. What could you do to re-frame what they say in your mind to make it sound more positive and avoid being brought down to their dense and complex thought vibrations?

So over to you...

What three things could you do today that would help you along your way to feeling in balance with your inner core, in harmony with your deep-rooted thoughts and at peace with your unique self? Take a moment to write down at least three things that you want to achieve by the end of 2012. What would really benefit you, make you feel proud of yourself, elated, excited to be alive?

Close your eyes and see your future; move ahead to ten years time. How do you feel about yourself? What do you see yourself doing? What do you see yourself not doing? What one thing would you regret not doing by this time?

If you took time to appreciate the flaws in your past, and acknowledge how much you learnt from them. Would you be willing to take more of a risk to achieve these goals sooner?

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