3 Ways Yoga Improves Intimate Relationships

Yoga is a journey of self-exploration, meaning and mindfulness, providing essential equilibrium for living a fulfilled life. Yoga reminds us to be present and fully grasp the gifts life is offering; daily yoga practice helps us manage our mental state and focus on elements that are vital for a happy and fulfilled relationship. Today, I want to discuss three yogic principles that are key for maintaining a supportive and passionate relationship: presence, energy and mindfulness.

1. Presence

When we practice yoga we aim to be in a state of full presence. If our mind drifts away with thoughts, we should gently bring it back to our practice. Yogic breathing is a good focal point for our wandering thoughts.

Today, our world is full of endless distractions such as social media, emails and mobile technology. Practicing presence is immensely important for creating a connection and strong bond with our partner. We all have the need to feel significant and special in our relationships; and your undivided attention is the best gift you can give.

Being emotionally and physically present with your partner is very important to keeping passion alive. Practicing active listening and full presence with your partner by allocating 15 minutes of quiet, quality time every day will do wonders to your heartfelt understanding and sense of carrying for each other.

Align with each other physically and emotionally by putting your hand onto each other’s heart, closing your eyes and breathing deeply for a few minutes. Then, tune into your partner’s breathing pattern and feel their heartbeat. Synchronising your energies creates a great intimate experience.

2. Energy 

Energy is the foundation of life, and the quality of your intimate relationship is directly impacted by your energy levels. If you feel energetic and vibrant, your physical relationship can flourish with variety and high excitement levels. If you have low energy, your actions are sedate, and nothing excites or stimulates you. How would you rather feel - dull, slow and tired or energetic, vibrant and exciting?

The good news is that by regularly practicing yoga just for ten minutes you can improve your blood circulation and nourish your cells with oxygen, creating an energy surge. You can practice yoga any time of the day at home. Practice sun salutes and standing poses for ten minutes. Exercise before dinner so you won’t over eat, and you can do it while the dinner is in the oven! Otherwise, wait one hour after dinner before you begin. You will connect with your partner from a vibrant and vital place.

3. Mindfulness 

Yoga teaches us to be aware of our emotions and thoughts. By staying in the present and observing our mind, we understand that we can choose what we focus on at any moment in time.

We are all responsible for the meaning we associate with events in our lives. We can’t always control the actual events but can control what it means to us and how we respond. For example, when we argue with our loved one, the subject of the argument has a special meaning to us. If they disagree with us, we can regard it as they don’t love me or they don’t respect me. The meaning that we assign triggers our emotions; some people feel sad, others feel angry. And if I feel angry, I might criticise, defend myself or retreat. Our emotions lead to our actions.

Consider what your partner is really saying? Practice mindfulness; assess your initial reaction before communicating. Are they scared, in need of love and support? What do they really need right now? Being mindful takes time to master. It is a mental muscle, and as with yoga, exercising and stretching your muscles often creates a strong and flexible body and mind.

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