How to Reduce Stress & Harmonize Your Life

When you think of the times when you have been “stressed out,” how was your body reacting, and what caused it to happen?

  • Did you feel short of breathe?
  • Were you hyperactive?
  • Were your muscles tensed?
  • Did it happen at work when the boss raised his voice at you or when you lost the keys to your home and started to panic?

These “stressful” situations do happen, but we need to realize that letting ourselves get in a worried state does not change the situation we're in, but instead can make it spiral into a right ol’ mess instead! Having worked in a retail environment most of my life, I felt under pressure at times to achieve targets. Feeling pressured made me agitated all the time at work and even made me feel as though I could lose my job at any given moment! Looking back, I realize that if I had been calmer in those times, I would have performed better, and this in turn would have helped my sales grow naturally. Later, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't what I was truly passionate about in life and that my heart was not in it. When you feel stress building within, first be aware of it happening and why. Take a few deep breaths to calm yourself, relax, and focus on what you can do next to solve the situation. Stress can appear in many forms, but the four main areas of life we need to create balance and harmony to reduce stress are: Around Friends - Being around friends who care, love and respect us is extremely important for our wellbeing. Having a good belly laugh with a close friend makes us feel on top of the world and totally relaxes us, releasing any tension we have inside. When was the last time you spoke or met up with your closest friends? It's time for you to pick up that phone and arrange a night out. I'm taking that advice for myself, too! Our Home Environment - Our home is our sanctuary. If we can't head home to chill out after a long day at work, where can we go? Make your home as cozy as feels right to you. Listen to relaxing music, lay in a warm bubble bath or watch a funny movie with a loved one. What is your preferred way to relax at home? Personally, I love to relax in a hot bath with candles all around... it totally eases all the tension from the day. Our Workplace - A lot of people dread Mondays and heading back to work after a short weekend off. The stress starts to build within just thinking about it. Is this you? If this is you, then why are you still working there? If you're unhappy, have you ever thought about what you really, really want to do in life? Forget about all the excuses that have been thrown against your ideas and ask yourself, what is your passion in life and why are you here? Search deep down, find your answer, and then plan the map that will take you there! Let me know how it goes... it's sure going to be an exciting journey! Our Creativity - Last, but definitely not least, is creativity. What exactly is creativity? How do you incorporate it into your life? Some of you may feel that you're not creative at all, but let me say this – you are creative! We are all creative beings in this world. Think about what you enjoy doing day to day. Creativity can come in many forms such as dancing, writing, cooking, drawing, photography, organization, hairdressing... I could go on! I will now stop and ask you one last question: In what way are you creative in life? I bet you now can give me a definite answer. Do let me know if I'm wrong.

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