Zooey Deschanel Covers Health Magazine: Talks Diet, Fitness, and Guilty Pleasures

Actress/singer/songwriter, Zooey Deschanel (yes, she tours with M. Ward in their band, She & Him), covers Health Magazine and she doesn't disappoint. Zooey talks about eating healthy when touring, her philosophy on diet, snacking, and even her guilty pleasures.

On eating healthy when touring:

"I find that I’m almost healthier because I have to be really disciplined. I can’t eat too much before a show, [or] you go on stage feeling terrible. And I almost always visit health-food stores in every city I’m in, just to make sure there’s stuff on the bus I can eat—vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and nuts."

On her experimenting with being vegan:

"Not anymore. My older sister [Bones star Emily Deschanel] has been a very, very committed vegan since high school. I wish I could be like that, but I’m not. I have a lot of food sensitivities—I can’t eat wheat or soy—and it was very difficult to eat and get enough calories. It was even impossible to eat at a vegan restaurant."

On what she cooks:

"I don’t really like sweets that much, but I find it really satisfying to bake for other people—cupcakes and cookies and cakes. I make a good quinoa spaghetti with pesto and zucchini. Pesto’s one of those things you can experiment with, and one day I was like, what if I used hemp seeds instead of pine nuts because they’re more nutritious? I’ve made it for a lot of dinner parties. It was a hit!"

On snacking:

"I try not to snack a lot. I know that sounds weird—some people think you should snack all the time. If I start to snack too much, I don’t have an appetite for meals. So I eat three square meals a day, and if I’m hungry, I have an apple."

On her guilty pleasure:

"Actually, there’s a bakery called BabyCakes in New York, and one in L.A. now. They make amazing gluten-free chocolate chip cookies. I like to keep things like that in my freezer, just so I know it’s there, but I almost never touch it. It’s weird. The knowledge that it’s there is enough, it’s almost more satisfying to me. Once it’s gone, then you don’t have the option anymore. I like having the option."

On Fitness:

"I really mix it up. I hike, run, bike. I do an hour a day, and then have a day off a week. And I took six years of tap dancing, and I love it! It’s a good cardio workout."

You can read Zooey's entire interview at Health Magazine here.

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