Losing Weight Is as Easy as Choosing to Let It Go

Heaviness is a burden that no one wants to share. It’s the act of holding pain in your belly and hips, eating to avoid crying and choosing Maccas (Australian for McDonald’s!) for dinner because you’ve forgotten how to listen to your body.

It’s never been about laziness; it’s the result of a system that’s learned fat thighs and tummy folds are the safest option. Just ask your hypothalamus, the major-control gland of our endocrine system responsible for setting our safe weight, programming how much fat to store and letting us know how hungry we are. The hypothalamus is always driven from our survival system; it will manage physiology to ensure we survive. For some of us, that means eating what the family eats, avoiding further abuse by letting your weight push people away and being fat to validate a belief system that you’re not good or light or worthy enough.

If you listen carefully to your body, you will find your own safety mechanisms hidden in the deep inner reserves of your adipose tissue.

I want you to know that being fat is not a safe option for you anymore. Life is too short to fret about survival; it’s more about flourishing, whole-heartedly. Your new SAFE is about shining your light, being free in your body and learning that you are the most powerful person in your world. You have too much to offer to waste your time being fat to be safe.

Coming back to your light and slim self is a journey. Years of self-abuse can take some time to unravel. You will first learn to eat what feels good and energizes you. It might be hard work at first, but trust me, you will eventually develop a love affair with greens. You will learn to move your body, not because you’re trying to control it, but because doing so makes you feel alive. You will learn to love yourself, fat and all, because accepting yourself as beautiful right now is the only path to slimness. Counter-intuitive I know, but if you give up your inner fat battle, peace will always transform your weight issues.

Your sweetness comes from within, not from a cupcake.

Dissolving your fat doesn’t need to feel like pushing a piano up a staircase. It can be joyous. Sometimes we trip up by looking in the mirror and feeling depressed, because we can’t yet see physical change in our body. Our mind cries, because it believes all of our dedication has achieved nothing.

This approach will never get you to where you need to go.

When you commit to being light, you also commit to living by a new wisdom. You commit to becoming a master of intuition and trust rather than a victim of scales and mirrors. You believe in your vision so much that it becomes a certainty in every single cell of your body, even if it hasn’t manifested in the physical yet. Each moment you forget that certainty, all you need to do is remind yourself gently.

You can let go of your fat and pain in every single moment. When you focus on being slim right now and only in this moment, you release yourself of the burden of worrying about who you will be in the future. Right now, you are free, and you can make the choice to let go of any weight you hold on to.

It is that easy.

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