More Sex, Please

There is an epidemic effecting over 95% of women worldwide.

In fact, it's probably taking place in your bed right now.

The tragic, terrible tale of the undersexed woman.

In marriages and relationships across North America and all over the world, women are suffering.

From not having enough sex.

Or the right kind of sex.

This crisis cannot be ignored any longer. It has gone on far too long as it is.

In fact, this “dis-ease” has been running rampant for millennia.

Back in the times of Hippocrates and Galen, 2000 years ago, women were diagnosed with the condition of “hysteria.” This translates literally, from Latin, as “womb dis-ease” or an uneasy womb.

Uneasy from not having enough sex.

The symptoms of hysteria ranged from irritability, rage, depression, lethargy, sexual numbness and loss of appetite to a general tendency to “cause trouble.”

The remedy for this condition, prescribed by physicians, was orgasm. Either via one’s husband, a special “water massage”, or at times, performed by the doctor himself.

However, since the “cure” was not a permanent one—it needed to be applied again and again—the demand became overwhelming.

Women kept coming back for more. Doctors and fingers became exhausted. Eventually, the task was farmed out to midwives to help keep up, as it could take up to an hour or more to bring on the desired release in the patient.

In fact, the very inspiration for the mechanical vibrator, came from the huge demand for “hysterical paroxysm” or what we now call orgasm therapy.

I’m all about orgasm therapy.

Before a big meeting, or a family dinner, or sitting down to write, I am sure to have an orgasm. It gets my creative juices flowing, loosens my inhibitions and connects me to my center.

I prescribe orgasms to my clients. Sometimes we decide on weekly quotas. There are bonuses for those who meet them.

Since orgasm is the magic bullet for most of what ails you, I suggest you incorporate it, lest you succumb to the debilitating condition of hysteria.

The DSM—the medical manual listing all mental disorders—had hysteria listed until the 1950s. It was then replaced by the equally vague “FSD” or female sexual dysfunction.

All of the offshoots of FSD—lack of libido, painful menstruation or PMS, uteruses that prolapse, painful intercourse—can all be traced back to one source:

Not having enough sex. Or the right kind of sex.

I’ve written about the difference between junk-food vs. gourmet sex. Most women—I conservatively estimate 95%—are not getting the gourmet sex they need to be happy, thriving, radiant individuals.

When this happens, women are operating at a fraction of their life potential.

Sexual energy is life-force energy. When it is shunted women (and men) become lackluster, repressed and depressed.

You can’t shut the door on something so powerful.

What happens in your bed, happens in your life. Suppressing that energy leads to a suppression in your ability to express in all areas of your life.

Everything suffers, not just your intimate relationship. Sexual withering pulls everything else into it like a vortex. The cliches of women being hysterical or wildly emotional don’t come from them being female.

They arise from being undersexed.

When women are receiving their fair share of pleasure, it bleeds over into every area of their lives. They feel more productive at work, more patient as mothers, more generous as partners and lovers. They ooze confidence and sensuality.

I’ve even coined the term “well-f**ked woman” to describe a woman who radiates with a fulfilled glow. When every part of her has been seen, penetrated and loved, she blossoms. She unfolds into her true life potential.

So please.

This is a plight dear to my heart and genitals.

In beds all across the globe, woman are undersexed.

It’s up to you to give generously to this cause.

You can make a difference.

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