Be a Hydration Warrior: 8 Ways to Get Your 8 Glasses of Water a Day

I feel like I am treading through a desert, the sun is beaming down on every inch of my body, there is no shade in sight and all I can think about is water. In reality, I am just walking down a paved sidewalk in my city's corporate end, where the trees seem to have been overtaken by skyscrapers, and where shade is hard to find. I make this point in order to emphasize how a couple of minutes in the hot sun on a sizzling summer day can bring about our natural thirst. And usually, there is nothing like a big cold glass of refreshing water to properly satisfy that thirst and quickly hydrate us. But, when the sun sets and the temperature gets cooler, many of us tend to forget about hydration. Although thirst is a primary trigger that our body needs more water, it is important to stay properly hydrated throughout the day, even when the urge to reach for a glass is not so evident. But water can be SO boring, right?

The good news: there’s no need to guzzle down two liters of H2O in one sitting. When you get caught up in your busy routine, here are eight easy tips on how to get your eight daily recommended glasses of water a day. No stress attached.

1) Morning Boost: Drink a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning

Jumpstart your day with a warm glass of lemon water, as well as your metabolism. Lemon water also has numerous other health benefits such as aiding digestion, balancing pH levels, clearing your skin and boosting your immune system. At the same time, you're starting the daily hydration process early and with ease. Only seven more glasses to go!

2) Stick It in the Freezer: A popsicle a day, and you're on your way.

Who thought popsicles could be a part of your daily water intake? Of course I'm not taking about that pre-wrapped, brightly colored frozen delight that you buy from an ice cream truck. I am speaking of the healthy adult version. Try taking fresh fruit juice and combining it with some water, pouring it in a popsicle tray and sticking it in your freezer. These frozen treats are a perfect way to hydrate and cool off.

3) Freshen It Up: Add fun color and flavor to your plain water

Lately there has been a trend in flavored waters. Not being a huge fan of artificial additives, I decided to create my own. Adding ingredients such as frozen berries (my favorites are raspberries, strawberries and blackberries), mint, lavender and lime to a glass of boring water can add a touch of delightful aroma and taste. You can also try using sparkling water for some bubbly fun.

4) Reach For It: Always keep a big bottle at your desk or within arm’s length

Fill up an eco-friendly bottle with filtered water to the top, and keep taking sips throughout the day. Whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed or just plain bored, take a gulp. Water can be a great stress reliever. Most importantly, don't obsess about finishing the bottle. Your water bottle is not your competitor; it is your ally on your hydration mission.

5) Eat Your Liquids: Indulge in some juicy watermelon.

Or celery or cucumber or orange. Why not some grapes? The point here is that fruits and veggies are a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Snacking can be a healthy hydrating activity. Choose fruits and veggies that contain high water content.

6) Steer Clear of Beer: Avoid alcohol, coffee and sugary drinks.

A pint of beer may seem like the perfect refreshing cool down drink, but in reality it only contributes to your total dehydration. Avoiding alcoholic beverages, pops and "juices" that are packed with sugar is crucial if you're trying to retain your fluids. Both alcohol and caffeine have diuretic effects on the body (IE the body eliminates more water than it absorbs) and can leave you feeling dry.

7) Tea -Time: Drink decaffeinated teas throughout the day

The amazing thing about tea is this: Everything! The variety of tea options out there suits just about anyone's preference (Jasmine, Chai, Rooibus, just to name a few)! Teas are often naturally decaffeinated, and they are great for you. Try switching from a cup of java to a cup of tea. It will keep you hydrated throughout the day, and prevent that mid-day energy crash that comes from caffeine.

8) Cup of Calm: Drink a cup of chamomile tea before bed

As your day comes to an end, indulge in a cup of chamomile tea to calm your mind and relax your spirit, all while contributing to your daily hydration routine. Chamomile also helps with insomnia. Sometimes even one cup is enough to induce a sleepy state. Perfect before hitting the pillow for a good night’s rest. Eight glasses down, zero to go!

Depending on age, body composition and weight, water can constitute 50%-78% of body weight.

Drinking about right glasses of water a day will keep your body clean and healthy. Water detoxifies our system, moisturizes our lungs and skin, protects our organs and joints, helps balance our metabolism, transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells, all while regulating our temperature. So keep on replenishing, and don't be surprised when you find yourself feeling stronger, looking leaner and feeling happier. And remember, hydration doesn't have to be boring. Spice it up, have fun and be creative while staying cool. Remember, you ARE a hydration warrior!

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