4 Tips for Green Juicing When You're Super-Busy

Written by Sarah Sturgis, CRNP

Image by Martí Sans / Stocksy

You guys know I love my green juice. And I bet you were under the impression that only an Act of God or Extreme Weather could prevent me from revving up that juicer every morning. I feel bad bursting your heightened opinion of me, but I’ll be honest: sometimes I’d rather drink a cup of coffee. I’m going to blame this on my son, because he’s truly opposed to me getting a decent night’s sleep these days, and he’s also on a suicide mission during the day (gotta love the crawling/pulling up on everything phase). Sometimes I’m just tired. And I don’t wanna. But several things happen if I drink coffee instead of my green juice:

  • I get jittery.
  • My digestion gets thrown off.
  • I typically eat something I don’t need to eat – to go with the coffee.

Who wins?

So, in the spirit of making GREEN happen, here are my top tips to get yours in before life (or your toddler) gets in the way!

1. Bag it up. Buy a week’s worth of green juice materials, wash it, chop it (if need be) and bag it up by the day. Then come morning, all you need to do is grab your zip lock and start that engine! (Also, rinse and reuse the bags)

2. Clean your juicer immediately. And I mean IMMEDIATELY. Don’t even take one sip of that heavenly elixir before you’ve cleaned it. And if you have a Breville, like me, you can clean that sucker in less than one minute flat. Yes. Yes you can.

3. Think about it the night before. Envision your morning. Imagine how great you’re going to feel when that green goodness starts pulsing through your veins. You deserve it.

4. Freeze it. If you know you’re about to head into a seriously hectic few days, or week, get serious with yourself. Take 20 minutes, and juice like a crazy person. Freeze each juice in a glass mason jar (making sure to leave a little space at the time for expansion) and then either take one out to thaw the night before or immerse in hot water to thaw in the morning. Yes, the vital nutrients are going to be a bit compromised. But less nutrient-rich green juice still trumps no green juice. Freezing immediately will help with the nutrient loss.

I hope this helps! Do you guys have any additional tips?

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