You Are a Renewable Resource

There are times in life when it feels as though you are at the bottom of the barrel, used up and worn out. The needle is edging towards empty, and your engine is sputtering. Luckily, you are a renewable resource, and you can fill your energy reserves again.

Wind Energy: When you are stressed and overwhelmed, the breath is often the first to feel the impact. The chest tightens, corseted, and attempts to form a rigid shield against the world. This carapace is an illusion; it does not protect from pain without, but it serves to hold the pain within. The first step to increasing your energy reserves is to allow the breath to move throughout the chest, from the shoulders to the belly and from the front to the back. Let the breath bring in the needed oxygen deep into the lungs and exhale out the exhaustion.

Hydroelectric Energy: Water can teach us many things: it is infinitely adaptable yet is frighteningly powerful. It can wash a wound or wash away a mountain. In your life, look to the flexibility of water to bring you energy. Rather than fighting against your current situation, be with it, move with it, and adapt to it. Struggle will make you weary; learn to float.

Solar Power: The energy of the sun radiates out to all living creatures, sharing its warmth and energy without censorship or judgment. You will feel reenergized if you share your gratitude with those around you. Let your rays extend far and wide; the light you share with others will be returned to you with interest.

Biofuel: When you are drained, take the time to nourish your body and your soul. Eat real foods. Take the time to prepare the meals that will be broken down by your body to create new cells and new possibilities.

Geothermal Energy: We are creatures of the earth. Replenish your energy stores by connecting with nature. Sink your feet into the soil and feel your body anchored to the ground. Run your fingers through the leaves and feel their warmth. Smell the loam, which feeds the new growth. Hear the sounds of the life supported by the earth.

Tidal Power: All things move in cycles. There are times of ebb and flow. Renew your energy by finding acceptance in the natural rhythms.

Life will not always be easy; it is not a smooth ride. In the difficult times, remember that you can choose to renew your vitality so that you can live a passionate and enthusiastic life.

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