Bring Out Your Positive "No" in 5 Simple Steps

Hey you! Yeah, YOU! Are you tired of feeling like you’re being pulled in a gazillion different directions? Are you just tired of feeling, well, tired? I have GREAT news for YOU! You, yes YOU, can say NO! Whoa Nellie. Let’s take a step back and go over some stuff. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you can empower yourself with one simple word – No. It’s quite simple. You don’t agree? Let me put it this way: How you spend your time is YOUR choice. Let me say that again – it’s YOUR choice. When you’re constantly saying yes to others and you don’t have the time, energy or will, then you’re saying no to yourSELF.

Step 1: Awareness.

Being aware of what you are doing is super important in moving forward. Are you saying “yes” out of guilt? Out of “martyrdom” syndrome? Out of lack of respect for yourself? Out of lack of healthy boundaries?

Becoming aware of what YOU are doing and the choices you are making is the first step in making changes so you can live a life that is loving to YOU.

Step 2: Know YOUR time is important.

You’re aware that you’re not saying “no” because you feel like everyone else needs the help. Their time is super important. What about YOUR time? If you’re always giving YOUR time away – it’s no longer yours. Yikes. Don’t you want to feel in charge of your time? Own your time. It’s yours to have and to gift.

Step 3: Respect YOU.

Know that YOU are WORTHY & DESERVING of respect. But, the most important respect is the respect YOU give yourSELF. When you respect yourself and your time – others do as well.

Step 4: Say “No.”

Ooooh, this is a BIG step. Say “No.” Know that you can stay home, kick up your feet and read a good book if that’s how you CHOOSE to spend your time. It’s important to remember that it’s YOUR choice. When you say “No” to others, you are saying “YES” to YOU. Just do it!

Step 5: Feel Fabulous.

Release any guilt you may be feeling for saying no. Release the negativity (remember that if your no was not well received, that means lack of healthy boundaries for the other person). What’s most pressing is that you create STRONG boundaries for yourSELF and you put yourself FIRST. Say “no,” release any “ick” energy and FEEL FABULOUS. Be proud of YOU for being true to what YOU want and need.

You may need to repeat this many times before you’re comfortable with embracing your powerful “no.” It’s okay if you’re not comfortable in the beginning – that’s to be expected. It’s like exercising a muscle. It takes effort. The best part? I know you can be true to YOU if that’s what you CHOOSE to do.

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