Attract Positivity in 5 Simple Steps

Attracting positivity into your life is not only possible but NEEDED so that you can embrace your BEST life. Do you have people in your life who seem to have the best life ever? Are you wondering how they can have so MUCH positivity in their lives? After today you won’t have to wonder any longer, because you, too, will have overflowing glorious positivity.

Step 1: Appreciation and gratefulness for EVERYTHING positive in your life.

This is a super important step. The first part in receiving fabulosity into your life is appreciating what you already have. And, yes, you DO already have MUCH to be grateful for. You can start a grateful journal, and every morning when you get up or every evening before you go to bed you need to write down 3-10 things that makes you thankful. This will bring your focus back to everything you ALREADY have!

Step 2: Open your heart to receive positivity.

After you’ve started realizing how much positivity you ALREADY have in your life, it’s now time to move into opening your heart so you can RECEIVE so much more! Yowzas! What does this mean? It means that you need to keep an open heart to receive all of the abundance the Universe is gifting you with on a daily basis. Stay conscious and aware, and you’ll soon realize how much EXTRA you’re receiving.

Step 3: Focus on the positivity that you desire.

To manifest even more positivity, you need to focus on it. Every day, not only do you need to be appreciating all of the wondrous things that happen to you and you are grateful for, BUT you also need to focus on what it is that you WANT. Even a minute or two in the morning or evening of complete and total focus will help move you (and your subconscious mind) towards even more fabulosity just for YOU.

Step 4: Keep an open mind & heart.

It’s imperative that you KEEP an open mind and heart. What does this mean? It means looking at situations and realizing the Universe may be blessing you in ways you’ve never been aware of before. Next time something happens that makes you revert back to your old negative ways – take a step back, and look at the situation from a new angle. I’ll bet that you can find something positive that came out of the situation. That’s opening your heart to realize there are all sorts of positive happenings. The Universe may be delivering your wants in a unique way OR, it’s possible that you’ll be blessed with something completely different that the Universe thinks will work best with you. Through this whole process, keep your mind and heart open to receive all of the abundance the Universe wants to offer up to you.

Step 5: Repeat.

This may take some practice. Keep repeating. You’ll find that the more you focus on all of your blessings, the more you’ll receive. Before you know it, you’ll be embracing a life of fabulous positivity. Yay!

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