A Journey Through Fasting: 6 Truths Uncovered

Fasting came to me as a radical idea to clear the nasty mess of confusion and worry in my mind. I hoped to release stress, clear my gut and start my internal fire burning with vitality.

I learned a lot - things about myself I should have known. When the toxins cleared from my cells, new knowledge seemed to sink in at a cellular level. These lessons have also kept popping up for my clients. I share with you not to pressure you into a fast, but because wisdom can settle into one’s cells in a variety of ways. Instead of letting anxiety sink in, call yourself to embody the wisdom that comes from your deeper recesses.

Here’s what I learned:

1. When you give time and still space to your body, it allows your pain to surface.

Pain is really just old energy stuck within you, and it’s aching to flow on. We’ve learned to fight, resist and avoid it instead of creating an open space for it to resolve. Turn inwards and you will stir up this old, heavy and sometimes toxic load. It might make you sick or horrible to be around, but your wisest action is to welcome it to express its full force. The beauty is that it won’t last; the more you surrender to it, the faster it will resolve. During my fast, I took some time each day to completely welcome my sensations, and what I thought would be a painful experience actually felt quite liberating.

Lesson: Let your sensations express themselves and flow. The deeper you sink into them, the more completely your pain will release.

2. YOU are the only thing that holds your success back.

Every block I came up against, every sorrow, every failure, was a part of me that was shut down in foetal position, hiding away from the world. My detox felt like an opening of every part of myself that remained closed.

I was heavy, because I didn’t believe I could be light.

I was angry, because I couldn’t accept my power.

I was depressed, because I was too scared to express who I really am.

It’s surreal when you realize that every struggle you have is of your own making. The people you see that live their heart’s desires do so because they choose to be authentic and vulnerable in the world, no matter how terrifying that may be for them.

Lesson: If ‘it’ hasn’t worked for you yet, it’s not because it can’t; it’s only because you’re still learning how to let yourself BE, naturally. When you choose to do that, success flows like a torrent into your life.

3. What you crave isn’t really YOUR craving.

Midway through my fast I started craving sugar. I had an internal battle with the cookie monster and thought I was going to cave in. The not-so-friendly bacteria in my gut (known as Candida Albicans) had been growing prolifically, and as my fast ignited my body’s detoxification process, my gut start to clean up all its toxic waste, and the Candida began to die off. They were screaming for sugar, as that’s what they feed off.

I welcomed the cravings and felt them as an ache for something outside of myself. I realized I didn’t crave sugar; I craved the fullness of my soul. I craved to be completely hooked up to my creative juices, to feed off the light of my joy, to be satisfied completely within the moment. My sugar craving was just a preoccupation to escape the pain of not being fully alive.

Lesson: What you think you need pales in comparison to what you already have. All you need to do is unlock it.

4. When you know your truth, it will feel easy.

When life gets crazy, it can feel so challenging to find a way through. We sometimes end up believing that life is always hard. But when you’re connected and clear, there is no easier place to be.

Ease alighted upon me at the end of the fast. I’ll admit, it was hard work to get there. But that was only because I’m not used to “easy.” The more you sink into truth, and let everything else melt away, the more you will realize that you don’t need blood, sweat and tears to live your dreams.

Lesson: Ease is a natural state within you. Let go, and you will find it.

What I learned 3 days after my fast:

5. Control is futile.

Gloriously, when I finished my fast I felt light, clean and happy. As someone who has a tendency to bloat and put on weight when I’m not kind to myself, I rejoiced in the feeling of a slim and empty tummy. I began to eat healthily, but I was a little nervous of my gut bulging again. Controlling food is a seductive feeling if you struggle with weight, but it won’t help. Fasts are not about losing weight; they’re about purifying your system so it can operate in the way nature intended.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, manage stress or get your life on track, then you may have the urge to control. It might make you feel safer for a moment but control will always drag you out of harmony with life.

Lesson: It’s not about control.

What I learned 3 weeks after my fast:

6. You gotta be in it for the long haul!

Fasts are amazing for purifying a toxic system. We all need this. But it’s not a saving grace, or even a quick fix. Your body, mind, and life deserve the dedication of a soul who’s in it for the journey. The vitality I felt after my fast began to wane the moment I started to become preoccupied again with my worries. I realized I needed to make a daily dedication to my truth in order to feel vital.

Lesson: You will only reap the benefits of health if it becomes a dedicated and patient DAILY journey.

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