Top 10 Reasons Why Mindfulness is Cool

Move over David Letterman. There's a new Top 10 list in town -- the 'Top 10 Reasons Why Mindfulness is Cool'. Mindfulness is all the rage these days and Psychology Today just came out with this great list -- drum-roll. please:

10. It's free.

9.  It helps us accept things that we cannot change.

8.  It's accessible to all of us, regardless of our spiritual beliefs.

7.  It's supported by research as being helpful (but it's not a panacea)

6.  It can be done without any extraordinary effort

5.  It encourages us to trust in our own experiences.

4.  It helps us get over our selves.

3.  It allows us greater flexibility in living.

2.  It can be done anytime, anywhere.

1.  It feels nice(r).

You can read the entire article at Psychology Today here.

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