Goodness, Grace, and Gratitude: My 3 Guiding Principles to Live By

First, as a disclaimer of sorts, I by no means am any kind of ultimate source for enlightenment. I definitely have a long, long way to go before I reach any higher ground. But, what I also have in abundance is this rampant desire to share. I have dabbled in countless amounts of advice from various sources (all of which have benefited me in some way). But, nothing has worked better for me than what I have found in myself. You can find it in yourself, too. I don’t mean to be preachy or cliché (although I am, sometimes), but I truly believe that everything you need or think you need, is already inside you. For me, I have found three elements to live by. Three characteristics that I try to be guided by, and that I completely believe in.


I believe that there is goodness in everyone, in everything. Maybe not all the time and maybe not in every particle of every person’s being, but the goodness is there. Sometimes we have to search through some muck in order to find the good, and sometimes the goodness is right smack dab in front of our faces. Either way, it’s always worth it. When you live your life guided by the search for goodness, it’s pretty difficult to not be happy.


I wholeheartedly believe that grace attracts grace. You don’t have to believe in karma to believe that the energy and the “vibes” that you put out into the world, will affect what you get back. Clichés usually hold some semblance of truth, and “you get what you give” is definitely one of them. I know how easy it is to wish harm onto someone that has wronged you or hurt you. But is it ever worth it? I don’t think so. Holding yourself to your own standard of grace will lift you up. Wishing harm onto someone will only keep you down.


We really do spend entirely too much time focusing on things of little to no relevance. But I believe that there is always something to be grateful for. I don’t have to tell you how lucky you are to be able to be reading this from your smart phone or your laptop. I don’t need to tell you how lucky you are to be able to see these words on your screen. You already know this. When you acknowledge all of the wonders that you have been blessed with, you really can’t help but breath deep (hey look, something else to be grateful for!) and smile. It’s hard sometimes, I know. I know that someone pointing out how many people have it worse than you doesn’t always help. Sometimes we want to wallow in all of our shortcomings and beat ourselves up over all of the things we don’t have and can’t. And you know what? Go ahead. But after you’re done, please dust yourself off and count your blessings.

I urge you to take a look at my three guiding principles and see if they work for you as well. But if they don’t, try to look inward and find your own formula. Whatever works for you, is best for you.

“There is a force within that gives you life- seek that. In your body there lies a priceless jewel-seek that. Oh wandering one, if you are in search of the greatest treasure, don’t look outside. Look within, and seek that.”- Rumi

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