3 Herbs for Better Sex

Written by Amy Jirsa, LMT

Ah, the article you’ve all been waiting for. Herbs for weight loss? Great, you say. Herbs for arthritis? Fabulous. Herbs for better sex? It’s about flipping time! Well, here we are and I’ve got a line-up for you sure to add some heat to the heat wave.

1. Ginkgo Biloba (Ginkgo biloba):

So, sex is all about the flow, right? Emotional flow, intuitive flow, blood flow… Yup, all that excitement elicited by passion? It all boils down to where the blood is going. So boost your blood flow with a little ginkgo. The beauty of this herb? It increases circulation without increasing blood pressure (a perfect addition to the healthcare regimen of those who experience erectile difficulties). Male or female, doesn’t matter—ginkgo stimulates blood flow to the capillaries right below the skin which means extra sensitivity, extra sensation, and an extra-good time (yeah…it’s hard to write on this subject without cheerfully submitting to a little cheesiness).

A note about ginkgo: it’s generally a safe herb, but it can cause digestive upset and allergic reactions to those who are sensitive to it. Start slowly and see how you do. If you’re taking anti-clotting drugs or aspirin on a daily basis, you might want to skip the GB, just to be safe, as it might increase the risk of bleeding. Otherwise, try 80mg three times daily.

2. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera):

So, the biggest issue I hear from clients who are looking for help in this area is that they are too stressed and don’t have enough energy for a healthy sex life. Enter ashwagandha. This herb boosts energy, reduces stress and has been shown to increase sperm count and the production of sex hormones (in either sex).

The various active principles in this herb (alkaloids, anoloids, withanolides and other technical jargon) are sexually stimulating and support longevity. One thing, though—only take this herb when you’re, you know, in the moment (well, a few hours before you’re in the moment). The body can build up a tolerance for this herb and, as it can increase testosterone, it can cause aggression in some testosterone-sensitive people. My advice? Try taking one 500mg capsule a few times a week and see how it goes.

3. Maca (Lepidium meyenii):

Maca is a native plant of Peru and is used to increase libido, strength, stamina, and energy (I know, right? It’s like the perfect herb. Time to bake it into some cookies and deliver them to that co-worker/friend/neighbor you’ve had your eye on…).

Further, maca can normalize all the sex hormones: testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen (i.e. a great option for combating the natural hormonal downslide that occurs with aging). If fertility issues are on your radar, maca is a great herb to include, as it regulates menstrual cycles and eases cycle pain. For menopause? Again, spotlight on hormones. Maca can ease this transition as well. It also decreases stress which, as we know, is a major downer to any sexual liaison.

How to take maca? Well, you can buy it in supplement form, but you’re going to need a lot of it. I don’t care what the bottle says, you want to aim for 6-10 500mg capsules per day (at least!). Or, you can buy the powdered herb and blend a tablespoon into a smoothie or juice every day. The more you take? The better. There are no toxic side effects to this herb.


There’s more to sex than just having a good time, although there’s certainly nothing wrong with a good time… But if fertility is of concern for you, hop on over to this article for a little herbal love and advice. Otherwise, give the above herbs a try and allow them to open you—mind, body and spirit—to deeper relationships, deeper experiences and a deeper reverence for everything that makes those intimate and joyful human connections so blissful.

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