6 Tips to Have an Awesome Day

Written by Jennifer Perez

I’m so grateful to be able to wake up each morning and have my day be AWESOME. I can’t wait to share my smile, laugh out loud and bug my kids (in a happy way that is). You and I are meant to be happy. We really are! Sometimes little things try to set us back, but we can brush it off, make it better, and get on with the show.

These six steps will allow you to focus on implementing lifestyle practices that will transition you into your happiest self. You will feel better in no time! Pick one or two changes you can make immediately, and commit to them. Then, you will be well on your way to YOUR AWESOME DAY.

1) Good Night’s Sleep ~ My mom was right! The best thing to jump start your day is having a good night’s sleep. It’s been proven scientifically and through self-experimentation. Agree? Yup, the body needs to wind down and relax. There are many ways to achieve your best night’s sleep (I will share my little bed-time secrets next week!). Get restful sleep to be energized the next morning.

2) Meditate ~ When I wake up, the first thing I do without opening my eyes is meditate. I usually wake-up before my alarm clock goes off. I meditate 2 – 5 minutes, being relaxed in the spot or position I’m in. Be grateful you have woken and for your upcoming happy and prosperous day.

Concentrate on your breathing; hear the birds chirping, the wind, etc. Turn slowly to lie on your back, legs stretched, and arms to your sides or above your head. Keep concentrating on your breathing, remember to always say “Thank you!” Think about your day in a positive manner, how and what you will achieve in that day - think happy thoughts.

You will automatically feel like you are smiling. Your body will be saying and feeling like what Tony Robbins says: “YES, YES, YES!!!”

3) Stretch ~ After a couple of minutes of meditation, still in bed, I start to slowly move and stretch my fingers and toes, hands and feet. Hug your legs into your chest, then stretch them upwards. Do the same with your arms. Once you are ready, you can open your eyes and view the beautiful eye-candy around your room.

Go ahead and sit on the edge of your bed and stretch a little more, your head, your shoulders. Stand up. Stretch out even taller reaching towards the ceiling, bend over and stretch your back.

Feel your body and mind getting pumped!

4) Stimulate Your Senses ~ Here comes the yumminess! Feed and fuel all your senses, put some soothing music on, light an aromatic candle that you love, hit the shower and use your favorite soap and shampoo that smell great, apply your favorite lotion, feel the fuzzy bath towel under your feet, your puffy towel against your skin, put some clothes on or stay naked (hey, whatever rocks your boat), prepare a green smoothie, a cup of tea or a cup of coffee while you prepare a healthy breakfast. Feel the serenity and have confidence!

Enjoy the sights out your window or your favorite paintings in your home; the beautiful things you have. Sit and enjoy your breakfast!

5) Energize Yourself ~ What works for me is some good music, either relaxing music or music that will get me pumped up, like some Hip-Hop or Techno. Use your favorite music that makes you want to jump up and dance even with your broomstick or mop.

Get ready to do the activities that please you during the day: exercise, take a walk, go window shopping, hit the park, play with the kids, do your important work or do adult energizing activities. As for my personal favorite, I paint or hit the beach!

6) Enjoy Your Day ~ By now, you probably have a smile from ear to ear. Your family and friends will wonder and ask you: “What have you been doing missy/sir?” Feel the love; be kind and grateful to yourself and others. Go out and enjoy nature! ALL nature is soothing and relaxing, even just one tree in the middle of your concrete jungle.

At first you might struggle to beat your alarm clock. It may be a challenge to set aside an extra 10 – 15 minutes pursuing all six of these steps. But, consider the fruits. Bring pleasure upon yourself by embracing happier days. Enjoy the awesome energy you will feel, and commit to serving yourself jolts of awesomeness. You have the power to make a change!

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