5 Ways to Harness Your Own Healing Potential

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” - Hippocrates

In my own journey to wellness and healing I was made aware of a couple of very important things. The most important: no one else but me had my answers as to how to heal my body. We are taught that healing is a universal thing. You take a medicine or follow a prescription, and you get better. But healing is actually very unique to each and every person. Whether you are getting over a cold or cancer, there are however (some) concepts that can help you harness your own inner ability to heal yourself:

1. Trust yourself

You might not have attended medical school, but you have had many more years to get to know your body than any doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist or holistic healer on the planet. It is important to trust this healing knowledge that is within yourself, and know the limits and strengths of your own body.

Whether you are training for a marathon or recovering from a cold, it is important to validate that your body has an amazing vault of inner resources that were developed and honed over millions of years of evolution to help you thrive! (Not just heal, but to thrive.) Remember that, and you will feel safer next time you want to try something new or challenge yourself in a new way.

For the patient recovering from an illness, remember that your body knows how to heal itself. If you can provide it the right conditions, it will do just that!

Tool to help:

  • Challenge yourself to try five new things this week.
  • Trust that you will have the strength to do them.
  • Find things you have passion for and really would like to try, and then do them!
  • It can be as simple as a new coffee shop or maybe a dance class. No matter what it is, try something new!

2. Listen to your body

This is tied in with trusting yourself, but it takes it a step further. Your body has a very complex yet simple system of personal communication. The key towards finding your wellness is listening to that system of communication. Maybe you are fatigued today. Maybe you are full of energy. Listen to your body, and it will reward you. Sometimes the fatigue you are feeling might be in response to too much mental work, and a good exercise session will actually help banish the fatigue. But sometimes you might simply need rest. No matter what your body needs, it will communicate it to you. Your job is to start listening and establish that dialogue with your body. Once you start listening, you can use the information your body shares with you to further empower your wellness.

Tool to help:

  • Set aside ten minutes a day where you do a mental check-in with your body.
  • Lie down on the floor or on your bed and just feel what your body is telling you. Mentally check in to points of tension, stress or discomfort. Also, pay special attention to where your body feels good. You don’t have to do anything, simply give yourself time daily to check in.

3. Never give up

There will be days in your life where you feel like giving up. But to get better from an illness, whether chronic or acute, you must never give up. Even if you are not dealing with health challenges, the mountains you might face could come in the form of financial or emotional challenges. You might not always succeed, but if you can keep that inner resolve to change your current situation, then the situation will change. You might not know how, but you will know that it is possible and that your answers will be there.

Tool to help:

  • Write down five things you have given up on in your life, and take a couple of them on.
  • Maybe you gave up on learning to play guitar; maybe it was that novel you wanted to write. No matter what you gave up on, dust it off and give it another try. You might not become a Rock Star right away, but if you keep trying, you will get there one day!

4. Realize that there will be ups and downs

In any journey there will be hills, and there will be valleys. But your power comes from climbing those hills and descending down into each valley. Your journey of healing will have good days, but there will also be very difficult days in which you will feel lost and not know what to do. In those moments of doubt and difficulty, it is important to remember the tools you have to get through.

Tool to help:

  • Write down five things that give your strength.
  • What gives you strength might be your best friend, a movie or a certain quote that just makes you feel good. No matter what it is, have a list of these five things handy whenever you feel like you might be heading into a difficult time. Pull out that list and use it as needed to help lift your energy back up when you are most in need.

5. Believe in yourself

No one else can give you the will to live. No one else can help you bounce back from illness or injury. Your friends and family can support you in the process, but it is you who ultimately heals yourself. You have to know yourself, know what gives you strength and what makes you afraid. Know how to motivate yourself and how to build your confidence in your ability to overcome whatever obstacle might have been placed in your path. If you can believe in yourself, no one can stop you from achieving your goal.

Tool to help:

  • Schedule a daily reminder to validate yourself on all you have accomplished. Take pride in your accomplishments, no matter how big or small, because they helped build you.
  • Today write down ten things you have accomplished in your life that you are proud of. When you finish reading them and really soaking in that validation, write down ten more things you would like to accomplish.

If you can, start focusing on what you can control and letting go of what you can’t. You will begin to create a well of positive energy. That might not seem like much at first, but as you add to it, it will create a foundation upon which you can build your healing. These little steps can begin to help you “Harness your healing potential!”

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