Q & A with Mandy Ingber: Jennifer Aniston's Yoga Instructor on Yogalosophy

Jennifer Aniston has said that her yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, "brought yoga into my life. This workout will change your body and your mind." Mandy talked to us about her famous 'Yogalosophy' workout, what Jen does so well, and more.

MindBodyGreen: When did you get started with yoga?

Mandy Ingber: My father began practicing yoga when I was about 5-6, so it was really his influence... Richard Hittleman and I practiced out of the Iyengar book: Light On Yoga. It was really a way for me to relate to my father.

MBG: What is Yogalosophy?

MI: I came up with Yogalosophy as a name to encompass the philosophy of integration. You can bring a yogic mentality to Cycling, for instance. I started as an indoor cycling teacher, and people would say 'it's like a yoga class on a bike'. And so I realized, it's about bringing a mindfulness, intention setting, then using emotional energy to motivate -- and putting that into motion. I created the Yogalosophy DVD so that I could incorporate yoga into other exercises programs. So, it's really a hybrid workout -- toning exercises paired with yoga poses.

MBG: What do you love about yoga?

MI: I love that it encompasses a lot. Forces me to slow down, work with my limitations, bring awareness to my movement, allows me to communicate with others and help others. It is not the only physical activity that I do, but it is the one that has been the thread throughout my life. I love that yoga is something that connects me with my dad and that it was passed to me and now connects me with individuals, as well as a history.

MBG: What's the biggest challenge for you in your own practice?

MI: Not comparing myself to others.

MBG: You instruct Jennifer Aniston -- what's one thing that Jen does very well in her yoga practice?

MI: She is great with all of the balancing poses. She has amazing focus and presence. She does a mean tree...and can outlast my tree any day.

MBG: What is a pose that is a favorite of Jennifer's?

MI: Again, tree.

MBG: Do you have any favorite yoga gear?

MI: I just love Lululemon. Looks great on everyone.

MBG: Favorite mat?

MI: Why, my VISION MAT, of course! I created a style of custom mat where you create a dream vision board with all of your desires you want to manifest, and then photograph it and get it printed on your yoga mat!

MBG: Favorite healthy food?

MI: Coconut water and salmon.

MBG: What are you reading?

MI: I just picked up a book called The Joy of Doing Things Badly by Veronica Chambers.

MBG: Favorite book?

MI: The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz, Illusions by Richard Bach, Grace and Grit by Ken Wilber, and anything by Henry Miller.

MBG: Guilty indulgence?

MI: Googling myself.

MBG: What are you currently working on?

MI: I have several events: SELF magazine workout in the park in San Diego in April, then NYC and Chicago in May. I made my DVD Yogalosophy available on my website store ... lots of workshops and classes. Downloadable classes are coming soon.

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