8 Awesome Uses for Coconut Oil

Written by Linnea Jensen

My new favorite pair of words to drop: coconut oil. I can't stop talking about it, using it, smelling it, and eating it. And it seems, I am not alone. Whether you're a self proclaimed health nut, or a skeptic, the beneficial properties are undeniable. Below are eight of my favorite ways to use this godly grease:

1) Make up remover. Ladies, this one will blow your mind. I put this on my eyes nightly to remove mascara, and then rinse, and then, (drum roll please)....put it on again as an eye cream. Coconut oil also has anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties.

2) Massage oil. Talk about sweet and sultry. Who doesn't love an edible massage oil? Your lover will thank you with macaroon kisses for this one. For extra stress relief, use it on your temples and rub in a circular motion. (My personal favorite)

3) Pre-shave and aftershave. Coconut oil will moisturize pre and post shave for a affordable and organic, clean shave without clogging pores. Your skin will thank you.

4) Deep hair conditioner and split end treatment. I am a sucker for hair products. There is nothing that makes me feel more feminine than awesomely soft and voluminous hair (besides some red hot lipstick, of course). I've been experimenting with putting this on my ends instead of Moroccan argon oil. The result? It works just as (if not more) effectively for about 1/4 the price. If you do nothing else with coconut oil, use it on your hair. It works miracles.

5) Burn relief and scar reduction. I had a recent run in with a coffee press. The end result....well, ended up all over me. It was not pretty, but thanks to coconut oil, my burn healed better than ever. Coconut oil in itself has a cooling effect on the skin and when applied generously will keep skin supple, moisturized and will prevent peeling, blistering and scarring.

6) Toothpaste. Holy sparkle, your teeth will love this. Measure equal parts baking soda and coconut oil and mix together. Store in refrigerator to keep it at a favorable consistency.

7) Oil Pulling. Think of it like a total-body-detox-mouthwash. Our mouth is like a dive bar for toxins. Toxins linger in your mouth waiting for that perfect other half to walk in and take home (into your body), often blocking other important minerals from being absorbed. The oil pulling method pulls bacteria and toxins from the mouth. You are not only drawing out toxins from the mouth but from deep within crevices between teeth and gums and also from the teeny tube-like structures inside of your teeth, which are rarely tended to. When toxins are absorbed through the oil, the body can start to absorb proper minerals and heal itself. Oil pulling can improve conditions such as allergies, chronic fatigue, diabetes, migraine headaches, PMS, and chronic skin problems. I have also known people with cancer to use it in their natural healing process. To do this, stick a spoon full of oil in the mouth (weird at first, I know), and pull it through your teeth. Repeat twice a day for about 20 minutes and rinse. Like anything, consistency is the only way to get results.

8) Put it on your plate. If taking a straight spoonful is not your thing (oil pulling), try working it into your pallate. Replace standard cooking oils with coconut oil. The thing about coconut oil that has my vote: it can replace almost any fat without feeling like a compromise or loss. In fact, it tastes better, more full and well rounded.

And there you have it. Happy coconut-ing grease gods and goddesses!

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