Dining Out with Alicia Silverstone

"I like my vegan food to be sexy, dirty fun," said Alicia Silverstone in yesterday's NY Times Sunday Styles section as she dined with friends at Candle 79. What did she eat?


Onion rings and nachos. (The nachos "came slathered in refried pinto beans, tofu sour cream and chili-grilled seitan, a wheat-based meat substitute.")


Moroccan spiced chickpea cake and seitan piccata.

On her vegan diet:

"I have so much energy these days, so much more than I did when I was 19 and had bags under my eyes...Once the sludge was removed from me, I felt my body soften and open, and I felt awake and alert and inspired and turned on. The way I live and eat now, it’s changed me as an actress -- totally."

Did we mention that Candle 79 was one of our picks in our NYC Vegan/Vegetarian Food Guide?

You can read the entire article at the NY Times here.

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