Kumare, False Gurus, and the Power of You

An old friend of mine was recently visiting New York, and we went to see a very great movie called Kumare. If you haven't already, go see it! It's about the uselessness of gurus, and gives an extremely useful message: the only guru we ever need is already inside each one of us.

This got us talking about how we all have limitless creative power. Really? My friend often makes jokes about his height. He's not tall. So, with my limitless creative power, can I grow taller?

This is one of those common ideas we all know: we have great abilities inside us already. We're great! It's worth exploring what exactly does this mean and how do I get in there??

1) You can change your mind in an instant. There's more than one way to go about this. Sometimes people get together in support groups and yell "I'm fabulous and you're fabulous!!!" That's one way. Another is to change your mind about you. Understand that you have creative power. And then most important, do the work that brings about change in your life, based on belief in yourself.

2) Your body follows your mind. What you think and believe creates and shapes you. For example, if you think vibrantly good health is beyond your reach, your body listens to that thought, very carefully. Another way of saying it is, you look like how you think. Thoughts are powerful, and we get to choose them.

3) Your mind, body, and life are all the same thing. They are all connected and follow each other. We aren't a collection of disjointed parts. We're all one connected holistic being. What we practice in any part of our lives - for better or worse - ripples throughout everything we are. That's creative power, and it's at work all the time.

So does this make my old friend taller? Not exactly. Our number of inches, along with living on planet earth, may be in a very tiny set of somewhat less movable parts. But there's still movement there. In creating a life you love - a you that you love - you don't think so much about whether you can see over that next wall. You get to just climb right over, or open up the door.

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