Why My Birthday Wish Is to Give Love

I was born on the fourth of July. Yes, I came in with a bang. I came out with a bang. I am a firecracker baby. I am independent (this is very true). My parents convinced me when I was very young that the fireworks were in honor of me. I sat around the television watching various celebrations from New York to California and thinking, “How come I am the only one that gets these colorful, loud lights in the sky?” “What do the other kids in kindergarten think about this?” I actually felt a little sad for everyone else. And at that young age, I really only knew maybe 30 people tops.

Finding out July 4th was really the date of a celebration on a much grander, national scale was a complete and utter disappointment. And thankfully, I eventually grew out of that (although I secretly like to imagine it is still just for me).

But, this year, completely removed from any American celebration here in Italy, I can now concentrate on what I really want.

And, I could really use your help.

Looking around me, I have everything one could possibly need. Wonderful friends, old and new, a supportive loving family, a new career of teaching, traveling and sharing yoga, and soon I will be moving into a cozy, fantastic new apartment that one of my favorite Italians in Florence found for me.

So, what is my one and only birthday wish?

Plain and simple, give love.

I want you to tell as many people that you can how much you love or care for them.

This is not just about romantic love, although it certainly applies. It is also about sharing and giving love with long-lost friends, that cousin you never really liked, hard-working colleagues at your office, or perhaps that barrista that always makes you that iced-soy-low-fat-half-decaf drink every morning.

Listen, I do not condone inappropriate confessions, drunken texts or embarrassing public wall postings. But, we can all think of someone we wish to finally tell how we feel. This is a basic human need that I sense we are slowly losing with technology or worse, fear.

So, let’s all work together and give the love.

Will you do it with me?

Don’t be scared. And if you need someone to blame, you can share this note and tell him or her it was simply a birthday wish for a friend.

Thank you and let me know how it goes!



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