What You Put Your Attention On, Grows

Written by Jillian Lavender

Imagine a gardener who is standing, looking at all the plants that are before her. In her hand is a hose with the water running. She turns to one side and begins bemoaning all the weeds – “Oh no! Where have these weeds come from? Look how fast they are growing! They are beginning to overtake the flowers!” As she stands there, the hose is flowing everywhere she looks. She is watering the weeds, and so, not surprisingly, they begin to grow and take over the garden.

In the same way, we are constantly funding all that we put our attention on. When we attend to something or someone, we initiate a flow of energy and intelligence. In the ancient language of Sanskrit there is a beautiful word for this – Soma. Soma is expressive of the flowing effect of consciousness. When I put my attention on you, my soma, my consciousness, is flowing to you. This enlivens you and you grow in my awareness.

Just like the gardener, your soma tap is always on. Water the weeds, and they will grow. Water the roses, and they will flourish. When you meet someone, where does your awareness go? Do you see the flaws and in so doing allow those imperfections to magnify in your awareness? Or do you put your attention on the person’s finer qualities, thus allowing those to strengthen and develop?

We don’t have to be physically present for the consciousness to flow. Perhaps in your mind you are thinking constantly about a situation that you didn’t enjoy. Your soma flow is now directed to your thoughts about that perceived negative event. It’s only happening in your mind, and yet your awareness is still flowing to it. As a result, it will grow and grow until it dominates your thinking.

Whatever we put our attention on in life grows. Make a decision to attend to that which you want to become stronger in your life, and let go of watering that which you want to fall away.

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