4 Enlightening Thoughts to Brighten Your Day

Not having a great day? Here are four enlightening thoughts that might make things a bit better:


Even if you disagree with someone else's beliefs or point of view, respect them anyways. Find the beauty in your differences and find ways to learn something valuable from them. You don't have to be convinced, or change your own values for that matter, but the more open you are to your differences, the more open you are to experiencing life in its entirety.

True self-acceptance means accepting every single person around you. Those you love, those you hate and those you never met. Letting go of the ego is the highest form of enlightenment one can accomplish on his own, and it starts with accepting all of God’s creatures for what they are. For who are you to change the already perfect world God has created!


If you want to get to the other shore, you have got to lose site of the one you're at. It's time to take chances, let go of the harness and have faith that the ground will always be there to catch you when you fall. Find the magic in your life that makes your heart soar and sets your soul free.

If something in your life is keeping you stuck and unhappy, you are being sent a sign that it is time to pivot your direction, make a change, take a risk, make mistakes and get back up. For when you take a leap of faith, what awaits you on the other side of the hurdle is what I call ‘purpose’.


To the blind, love looks like a give and take. But to the one who has experienced true love, only he knows love's true meaning. He knows that love is no different than natures' rhythm. The cloud rises from the ocean, and takes from it vapor. And the ocean takes the vapor from the clouds in the form of rain. The sky remains the vast sky and the ocean remains the vast ocean. Neither one must compromise their own purpose, yet they never cease to give.

Don’t live in the past because love doesn’t know how to judge based on past experiences that caused anger or resentment. Love is forgiveness. Don’t live in the future because love doesn’t know any expectations, for unmet expectations create disappointment, and love doesn’t know disappointment. Live in the present for that is what it means to love consciously, and to love consciously is to love entirely.


It's a misconception to believe you must learn from your mistakes. What do you really learn from your mistakes anyways? What NOT to do again? That's not so valuable because it doesn't teach you what you SHOULD do next. Instead, learn from your successes because success is what gives you real ammunition to keep pushing. Success brings more success, it is self perpetuating. Now how awesome is that!

When you look back at your life at a very old age you will not regret the money you never made or the job you never had, you will regret the number of “I love you’s” you never said and the things you never did for those you care about. For success is not the number of zero’s in your bank account, success is the number of times you can look honestly into your heart and say, I gave, I loved, and I changed the world one person at a time.

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