5 Mid-Year Resolutions

Written by Bridget Regan

Okay, so it's not January 1; it's not even December yet. It's June, and I have decided to set some resolutions. Who says we need to wait until next year to start setting goals, anyway?

Let's start by asking the question: What is a resolution? It's more than just setting an intention, hoping for the best, and letting the universe take care of the details. To me, a resolution is a promise that we make to ourselves. When we're making promises to others, we generally examine our ability to carry out the promise before we commit to it, or at least we should be. When we make promises to ourselves, we need to be just as thorough and detailed if we're to stick to them, especially because we're the ones who are disappointed if these promises are broken.

So without further adieu, here are my promises, to you and myself.

1) I promise that I will play. I will not let myself get so enraptured in the spiritual, the emotional, or the intellectual aspects of this life that I completely neglect one of the equally important aspects: FUN! I will continue to giggle at jokes about bodily functions, splash in the ocean after a long sweaty run with my running buddy, and attempt astavakrasana instead of crow pose in a yoga class... and laugh when I fall on my face. I will doodle hand-written notes and leave them on strangers' windshields, and I will play an entire game of Scrabble using only dirty words. I will throw passes in a drug store with a novelty-sized inflatable football at two in the morning, and I will not always give the barista at Starbucks my real name.

2) I promise that I will spend time on myself, and with myself. I already spend time working on myself - attending lectures and seminars, gaining certifications, devouring books constantly. But I promise that I will also spend time on myself with no intention of gaining from it - no growth, no insights. I will get a massage just because it feels good. I will meditate daily not only to grow spiritually or to cultivate peace of mind, but sometimes just to be alone with myself. I will go to a movie by myself and watch a sappy romance flick just because I love theatres and Sour Patch Kids.

3) I promise that I will reconnect with my love of travel. When I turned 18, I traveled to a different country or destination every year for the next 4 years. I saved up, picked a place on the globe, and went (prefaced by either excessive planning or absolutely no planning at all. Oddly, I've found that both options reap the same results). Then real life set in, and work became more than nine to five. "Savings account" started to mean a 401k instead of saving for an exotic destination. Yes, this is a part of making more mature decisions, but I miss traveling. I miss having absolutely no idea what the person next to me in line is saying. I miss exploring. Greece, anyone?

4) I promise that I will run, not walk, down the aisle. When I step into that church (or more likely, beachfront boardwalk in the Outer Banks or nature-made tree sanctuary in the Redwoods), if I'm not itching to kick off my heels (who are we kidding, I'll be barefoot) and run full force into the arms of the man waiting for me at the other end, I'm not marrying the right man. So whoever he is, he better get ready to brace himself for 110 pounds of pure love and adoration to come barreling at him in front of his closest friends and family.

5) I promise that I will walk, not run, through life. I will no longer spend the majority of my moments planning my next moments. I will not take for granted the time I spend in the car, considering it just the "in between" from one appointment to the next. Instead, I will enjoy that time alone and belt out "Sweet Caroline" at the top of my lungs as neighboring drivers wonder if I'm seizing. I will enjoy every bite of fettucini alfredo from Acqua al 2 without wolfing it down just to get to the tiramisu more quickly. I will just listen when someone is talking to me instead of silently making mental notes on how I will respond.

I'd love to hear your mid-year resolutions, however grandiose or understated they might be. Leave a comment!

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