You Are Already Doing a Brilliant Job BEING You!

Contentment comes from knowing you are not your life circumstances. You are not your job title, marital status, nationality or any other label you may be able to attach to your identity. You are something much more than you think. You are life.

Confusing your life for what you do is one of the most common causes of stress on the planet. It can make your peace and happiness become victim to your life circumstances, as you need them to be a certain way for you to be OK. This leads to living in fear, the need to overly control and manage your life and miss the brilliant glory of what you truly are.

Your Being is what You are whereas your life circumstances are what You do.

There is a difference between your life and your life circumstances. Your life is your Being and your Being is What You Are. Hence, Human Being!) Whereas your life circumstances are the collection of things that you do with your life - including your job, relationships, finances etc. The fact that you are alive proves that you have life. Otherwise you’d be dead! Even more remarkably, it is impossible for your Being to ever become broken, bad or sick. It is always pristine and perfect. Therefore, whether you believe it or not, your life is already perfect.

Consider this: How much of your day are you inwardly aware of your own Being? Most people I meet put much more attention on what they are doing. In doing so, they leave very little attention, if any, to be attentive to their Being. But if you stop a moment and just be, you will notice that You are here. Now, that may seem like an obvious thing to say, nevertheless, how often do you appreciate how perfectly You are Being You? Or said another way, how perfectly You are Being Life?

It is still nice to have a career you find rewarding or meet a great partner. But these external things become less important compared to Being Life, when you see that it is the difference between enlightened living and existing ignorant to the unbounded brilliance of Who You Are.

Being enlightened is to know Who You Are.

What aspect of you does not change? You are not what you do because what you do is temporary. It comes and it goes. However, everything that happens during your day does so within the constant context of your Being. Your Being is always present, vast, and free from limitations or problems. It is the still silent conscious awareness that is observing this moment happen. Make it a priority to notice your Being.

Even now.Your Being is present and observing this word being read. To notice it you can let your attention rest inward. Intend to notice this moment happening and you can become aware of the still silent watcher observing from behind your eyes. A presence of Being living within your body. An aliveness existing within peace, irrespective of what’s happening in the external world.

Being is beyond what happens in your life. Living aware of your being is incredibly liberating. When you are resting aware of your Being you are free from fear because nothing external can impact your inner experience of peace and perfection.

You no longer have to rely on your life circumstances being any particular way for you to be OK.

Freedom is possible because nothing needs to change about your life for You to be brilliant. You already are brilliantly Being Life. Yes, your life is perfect and nothing is ultimately wrong. You’ve just been buying into the conditioned belief that something was. And in doing so, your mind has been helping you to find an endless supply of things to fix so that you can, eventually, at some point in the future relax, love life and be happy.

Crazy isn’t it! So many people spend their entire life waiting for some future moment to fulfil them when true peace, love and happiness can only be found within their own Being now. And so they end up waiting, forever, for something that only ever exists now.

Your Being is closer than your next breath. It is patiently waiting to be savored and loved.

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