Practice Loving Your Mind and Body

Sometimes we can get a little nostalgic when we look through our photographs. Perhaps you have some pictures of someone who is no longer in your life and you fondly remember the times you shared together. Perhaps they are gone because you chose to not have them in your life any longer, or you lost them to more tragic circumstances. The feelings and emotions that you can get from simply recalling a memory is very powerful.

When your body produces an emotion sometimes you will find it easy to feel the emotion, or other times you may unconsciously try to cover it up in the hope that it goes away. In particular we have become accustomed to embracing only positive feelings and pushing down the negative ones. Someone said or did something at work which you found frustrating or you received some bad news. Maybe you looked in the mirror and decided to see something which you didn’t like, or you felt guilty about something you ate. Although inside you were feeling sad about it, a big fat smile on those cheeks made everyone’s day and that’s what mattered!

Your emotions will always be trying to tell you something. Something that you may not even be consciously aware of. Most significantly, your mind and your body are connected so if there is a problem with your body, your mind and emotions will feel it. If there is something upsetting your mind, your emotions will communicate with your body and your body will feel it. Have you ever noticed that when someone is really upset or depressed it is manifested in their body language? Perhaps they will be slumped in their chair, or on the couch. Maybe they won’t want to leave the house, socialise or feel like exercising. Not being in touch with how you naturally feel means that you are in disharmony with your mind and body.

I used many forms of escapism in my youth. I hated any feelings of negativity as I was always seen as the positive, vivacious type of person. So when I was down I would try to live up to my perception of what I thought were people’s expectations of me, by pushing the feelings away so I could remain the cheerful, bouncy person I thought they were all familiar with. This was mainly with food and a lot of partying! I had a fantastic knack of taking on other people’s baggage as well, especially those to whom I had close relationships. Being a personal prop on most occasions which I realise now was purely down to my own limited knowledge about the boundaries of compassion.

If you are looking to improve your life, take time out to be on your own, meditate, write a journal or just be still so you can tune into how you feel. If you are constantly around other people, you may be missing out on important feelings and emotions that your body is trying to communicate with you. If you are regularly ill or catch germs easily, it could mean that you are run down, stressed, unhappy, frustrated, carrying around guilt etc. If not released, all these emotions manifest themselves in some way whether it is through being unwell, not sleeping, needing to drink or eat excessively.

To end I want to quote an extract out of one of my favourite books Living with Joy by Sanaya Roman:

“Practice loving yourself today with your thoughts and your words. Make yourself right rather than wrong. Forgive yourself knowing that you are always doing the best you know how. Make yourself the authority of what is good for you. Feel the joy that comes from honouring who you are. At night, reflect on how the day felt and what changed as you opened to a new level of self love.”

Om Shanti

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