What Guys Can Learn from Their Girlfriend/Wife's Workout

In the U.S., about 75% of yoga participants are women, as are 90% of Pilates participants -- but men are catching on as "core strength" is the new rage in fitness.

In yesterday's Wall Street Journal they report that men tend to prefer exercises and activities like bench press, that can be directly measured by reps and weight, however, the tide may be turning as pro-athletes are looking to "core strength" to prevent injury:

Core-strengthening exercises seek to bolster all the muscles of the torso from top to bottom and front to back, creating a balance that enables athletes to stand tall, limbs in alignment down to their feet and hands. The particular exercises that strengthen core muscles involve stretching and balance routines that also enhance flexibility....Many sports-medicine specialists expect core-strength exercises to become the third leg of public-health recommendations in regard to workouts. Just as cardiovascular exercise is promoted for heart health and resistance training for strong bones, experts expect core-strengthening movements to gain public-health favor for avoiding muscular-skeletal pain and injury, particularly of the neck, back and hips. "In the sports and fitness worlds, the benefits of core strength exercise are accepted facts," says Bill Sonnemaker, a personal trainer and spokesman for IDEA Health & Fitness Association, an educational association for fitness professionals. 

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