Why Shifts Are Gifts

Written by Lisa Fraley

Sometimes we feel ourselves shifting. Shifting in our perspective, our priorities, or our desires. Shifts can sneak up on us when we least expect it, out of the blue, completely and unpredictably. At times, shifts can be fantastic life-changing events… but shifts also can be jarring. Surprising, unnerving, and overwhelming.

Sometimes, before it happens, we almost can sense that a shift is coming. Our inner knowing tells us something is percolating. We start to notice that our outlook is subtly different than it was yesterday. What was blue previously now appears green. Our paradigm has altered, almost without us noticing. It is as if one day the doorway to our thoughts became cracked and a ray of sunlight shines through. A part of us is drawn to that bright light, and suddenly the door opens a bit more, then a bit more, and then a bit more, until we open our eyes and realize that we are standing in a doorway soaked in sunshine with a brand new perspective about life and happiness.

Even if we never expected, planned, or wanted it to happen, we are keenly aware that a shift has taken place, and somehow we know deep inside of ourselves that once it has happened, we can’t un-shift a shift. What’s shifted has shifted. And that’s that.

Have you noticed, though, that sometimes after we shift, it can feel almost familiar, as if it was meant to be that way all along? Like we stepped into something that had been there for some time, just waiting for us - for the right time, the right conditions, and the right set of circumstances to invite us into it. Crouched in corner, just waiting to pounce. Once the situation is just right, whether anticipated or not, it happens. It pounces. We find ourselves making a shift.

Interestingly, I believe that some part of us actually welcomes shifts. On some level, we are open and receptive to change; otherwise, the shift would not have happened at all. There would not have been room in our life for a shift. As a believer in the “Law of Attraction”, I do think that at least in some way we draw to ourselves the experiences we have in our lives, whether by conscious design or not. The energy that we send out into the world is reflected back to us through our thoughts, emotions, communications, and interactions.

When our energy shifts, or “up-levels” to a new frequency, the Universe reflects that same energy frequency back to us through different and new experiences. When we take actions like standing up for ourselves, drawing on our courage, or asking for what we truly want or need, the Universe responds in kind. Almost miraculously, the Universe provides us with what we seek in direct response to our energetic request. The Law of Attraction is quite magical, really, and also quite powerful. We need to remember to be careful what we wish for. As Ralph Waldo Emerson wisely observed, “Once you make a decision, the Universe will conspire to make it happen.” And, when it does, it can show up as a shift.

The bottom line for me is that shifts are gifts. Whether it shows up as a new way of looking at things or an unexpected sun-lit door of happiness, we need trust the shift we have been given. Shifts are inevitable, whether we are ready or not, and they are designed to help us stretch and grow in our journey through life.  Over the years, I have learned that we can run, but we can’t hide, from shifts. No one is exempt from their magic. So, let’s all remember to buckle up and get ready. Watch out ahead. Shifts are coming our way.

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