What Does 'Beauty' Mean to You?

Written by Susan Dellanzo

Beauty can mean different things to different people and can cause many conflicts. There is the fear, for example, of not being quite “right”, not being “normal”, not matching the “image” of beauty – whatever that might be. People today are being bombarded with images of what they are “supposed” to look like and have a feeling of “needing to conform.” In business, many women often hide their femininity and attractiveness in order to be taken seriously. Underneath all this, what they really want is to feel LOVED.

It has been said that people are more unhappy than they have ever been. They are spending more and more on fashion and beauty and yet it hasn’t brought fulfillment! Fulfillment and feeling beautiful is an INSIDE JOB! How we feel deep inside about ourselves is the root and connection to our true radiance! If we don’t love ourselves as we are right now – then how can we expect anyone else to love us?! First step – FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF!

EMBRACE YOUR BODY. What labels or past conditioning is running us regarding our body? Overweight, pale, aging, skinny, fat? What story around your body causes you pain or embarrassment? How many feel like your body doesn’t measure up? What emotions are running you – giving you feelings of shame, embarrassment, lacking in self worth?

Past conditioning can determine how we see our bodies and is formed at a very young age and adapted depending on the culture we live in, religion, the standards of beauty in the environment we grew up in. We have deep seated largely negative thoughts which block us from shining forth. Our biggest “veil” – or inner critic, is constantly criticising, comparing and rejecting our own body!!

At the root of all this is a deep desire for LOVE. We want to be beautiful TO BE LOVED! Our “body judge” takes this desire and, demeaning and critical, it runs us into the ground!

Are you even aware you have one? There are many different forms:

  • “Perfectionist” – wants to fit into this “standard of beauty.”
  • “Comparer”  – looking at others and wanting what they have.
  • “Protector”  – a person with weight issues and a deep need to feel protected and padded from the world. Perhaps she was abused in the past – physically or verbally and feels safer. What was once protection, however, has now become a prison and her true radiance can’t get out!

In order to detach from these imbalanced beliefs and allow our true radiance to shine forth, ask:

  • Where do these statements find their roots?
  • Whose beliefs are they and where do they come from?

Then – find out how every single body part helps you fulfill your life and destiny.


WHAT WE BELIEVE ABOUT OURSELVES IS WHAT OTHERS BELIEVE ABOUT US! It’s what we radiate out into the world – no matter what we look like

Some women may not be good looking but are so radiant and vibrant they have magnetic attraction because of the energy they hold. I remember attending a ladies function where many said they had spent many hours and large amounts of money on hairdos, outfits, and plastic surgery in order to “try” to look beautiful. When a lady walked in towards the end of the event, the whole room turned around! Was she the youngest, the slimmest, or had the most amazing outfit on? NO! She was in fact the oldest person there, had hardly any makeup on, wore chic but simple attire and had such inner poise and self confidence she couldn’t help but release her feminine radiance!

The key component is the RIGHT RELATIONSHIP WITH OUR BODY!!

How do we describe it? What are we putting into it? Are we nourishing it well or are we too busy to even eat and nourish ourselves at all?! How do we hold ourselves? Our physiology is shows how we feel about ourselves before we even say one word! How are we breathing and moving?

Connect to your own inner radiance and WALK IN BEAUTY! Pay attention to those things that open your heart, that allow you to FEEL and experience deep beauty – a breathtaking sunset, a rose, food that has so much love in it – so much care put into it, a piece of music, children playing, whatever it is that signifies “beauty” to you.

Close your eyes and think of a time/experience/person in your life when you felt deeply beautiful and joyful – a most beautiful moment of your life. Flow with the energy of that joy. Feel yourself smiling, swallow the smile and smile from the inside-out. Notice how your body feels as you allow the smile to emerge. Now, imagine your current life and living your current life connected to this place of joy!

  • Is there anything that might be different?
  • Whenever you have a challenging situation, come to the challenge from this place of joy!
  • What gifts might you find in this situation?


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