How to Gain More Energy in Your Life

Written by Katie Bressack

Just like you, I work hard to keep my energy levels up during the week. On Monday I feel great and as the week continues I have to listen to my body and give it what it needs; perhaps it is a yoga class or a chill evening at home so I can maintain my feel good energy level.

As a health coach, I work with women to help them find foods, exercise and self care routines that help to nourish their bodies and souls to create a healthy lifestyle. During the months we work together my clients are always amazed at the increase of energy they have just by changing their diet and feeding their body and soul with real foods without depriving themselves of what they love.

Here are a few quick tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle to gain more energy!

Detox Your Body 

  • Eliminate all processed foods from your diet. If you must purchase something in a package, read labels. Avoid items you can't pronounce, they are chemicals and are not good for you. Quick tip, only purchase the item if there are less than 5 ingredients listed on the label.
  • Eat tons of dark leafy greens! The darker the better so Kale, Spinach and Swiss Chard. Try to eat greens at every meal. A green smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch, kale chips as a snack and greens for dinner.
  • Drink tons of water! The more water you drink the more hydrated your body is and you will have more energy

Balance Your Blood Sugar Level 

  • Sugar is not your friend. I love sugary treats as much as anyone, but I treat sugar as a treat and only eat it once and a while. When I do consume sugar it is all natural sugars like honey or maple syrup. All artificial sugars lead to more sugar and white carb cravings which certainly doesn't help you lose weight.
  • Eat tons of dark, leafy greens! Again the more greens you consume the more in balance your body will be.


  • Move your body every single day, go for walks, take a yoga or spinning class. Just get your body moving!
  • Find the time of day that works the best for your body. I am not an early morning person but I have more energy at the gym if I get out of bed just one hour earlier. The rest of the day I am more alert and more productive.

Quick Tips

  • Find an exercise buddy to join you at the gym, a hike or yoga class.
  • Find something that you look forward to. I personally dislike the gym, I go but I love yoga and I look forward to my class and go as often as I possibly can.

Add in Fruits & Veggies 

  • The more fruits and veggies you consume will not only help to detox and energize your body but they will actually crowd out all of the bad stuff you might be eating right now.
  • Foods that help increase your energy levels are oranges, almonds and beans. Try to incorporate them into your daily diet.
  • I love this quote from David Wolfe, "The best strategy we've got is to just add in the good stuff! Eventually it's going to crowd out the bad stuff."

Quick Tips:

  • Try to shop at farmer's markets this summer! Eating in season is one easy way to gain energy from these fresh and nutrient dense foods. When you are at the grocery store only shop the perimeter of the store, and try to avoid the last minute items you throw into your shopping cart when you are waiting in line at the register
  • Schedule exercise time, put it on your calendar so you don't skip it. Better yet, find a friend or have your partner meet you at the gym or at your favorite class. Listen to your favorite music, this will help you get pumped and ready to run on the treadmill.

Remember to love your body and tell yourself every day how much you appreciate and love you. We are always our own worst critic, so today let us all start embracing every thing about ourselves.

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