How Your Words Affect Your Being

Every human being on the planet has a voice that belongs purely to the individual, like a finger print, no other person on the planet shares this form of individuality you express to the world. Speaking badly about others creates fragmentation of the soul, and fragmentation is essentially evil. Allow me to explain....

When you think to yourself, who am I, think back to the story of Adam and Eve. We are all Adam. He was a collective all-encompassing soul. Adam's essence then shattered into 600,000 pieces to create 600,000 human beings – hence, a piece of your soul as well as my soul came into existence as we know it. When something begins as a whole, it fractures down into many pieces. We can see this metaphorically when we look at the Universe, whether you believe in the Big Bang Theory, or the Story of Creation – both are a result of fragmentation. The goal in life, however, is to find the wholeness within ourselves. In order to find the wholeness in ourselves we must accept the paradoxical reality that we are one, yet we live concurrently as 'one divided into many.' This requires the ability to see ourselves as a one single thread belonging to the bigger tapestry of life. The point being, when we speak evil about someone else, we do an action that disconnects us from ourselves, as well as from the greater tapestry.

Kabbalah speaks about a mystical truth called “Lashon Harah”, or “evil tongue.” It goes on to say that spoken words should be impeccable because every uttered word comes from the mouth, the part of the body that represents connection or “wholeness.” It is from the mouth that we eat, kiss and speak – each action holds a deep sense of connection to existence. “Lashon Harah” (evil tongue) is a language of disconnection both exterior and interior, because it disconnects me from the essence of my true purpose, which is to build a holy connection with my environment, with other human beings, and with the Divine. When one speaks with an evil tongue, they are doing an act in which the soul is being silenced because that oneness – that connection with mankind – is removed. The evil which is expressed from the inside-out creates a form of disconnect between the purity of our soul and the outward connection to mankind. The true value in every “thing” comes down to the amount of Godliness we place in that thing. By speaking evil, the unconscious part of us is acting in accordance with evil and against our true essence.

The ability to be conscious about every word that comes out of you is a truly liberating experience because YOU are the one in control. The Kabbalistic perspective states that every human being should be aware and conscious of their actions. It is your job to live a life of holiness and regality. A woman should live her life telling herself “I am the daughter of a king,” and a man should live his life telling himself, “I am the son of a queen.” When you perceive yourself as true royalty – not just by societal standards, but rather going by your own sense of value – this self perception stops you from doing anything that is outside yourself, something unholy, something that removes you from the source of creation and oneness.

Be careful what you say. Your words absolutely affect your being.

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