5 Beliefs That Could Save Your Life

In health and healing, our thoughts have a dramatic effect on our physiology. They have recently been shown to alter our neurochemistry. Our beliefs literally hard-wire our brains differently and change our neurotransmitters.

Autosuggestion is the influence of the imagination upon the wellbeing of a person. In simpler terms - if you imagine something possible, it becomes true. If you persuade yourself you can do something, even something very difficult, you will do it. If you imagine something easy is impossible, then it will become impossible.

Consider Sam Shoeman. Sam was diagnosed with end-stage liver cancer and given months to live. After he died in the expected timeframe, the post-mortem showed that the diagnosis was wrong! Sam's tumor was tiny and had not spread at all. So really, he did not die of cancer, but of the expectation of dying of cancer.

How true are the expectations we have of our lives? The power of the mind can both kill you and save you – it can drive you to despair and conversely, to heights of blissful ecstasy. Our reality seems to lie more in what we believe to be real than in genetic pre-determination.

The placebo effect is the measurable positive effect caused by an inert sugar pill simply by telling its user that it works. Its less-recognized opposite ugly twin sister is the nocebo effect which produces negative outcomes from negative expectations.

Now more recently, it has been shown that simply by thinking foods healthy, they have a measurably more salubrious effect on the body. The same effect has been proven repeatedly with pleasure and pain. Thinking something painful magnifies the pain, and thinking something pleasurable magnifies the pleasure. This is why hypnosis works so well.

Many people who suffer from “side-effects” of drugs do so when they expect them. Around 60% of patients undergoing chemotherapy start feeling sick before their treatment has begun.

With the science of epigenetics* evolving, right now is the time to take control of who we are and who we become.

Here are five key beliefs to empower your life and determine your destiny...these could literally save your life!

1. I am responsible for creating the results I see in my life. If I want to have different results, then I will change by doing something different.

2. I am getting younger, healthier and more energetic by the day. My immune system is getting stronger and supporting me by doing an amazing job to keep me young and vibrant. I am making conscious and healthy choices about what I eat. All my organs are functioning optimally with the least effort in order to make me healthier than ever before.

3. Tasks that seemed difficult before are now coming to me easily and effortlessly. When I create new goals for myself, I will know that such a goal is coming to pass. When presented with a challenge, my rote response will be – “that's easy for me” - and so it will be.

4. I am on the right path. I am in the driver's seat creating the life I want for myself and making all the small choices on the way to make sure I am successful.

5. Every day in every way, I am getting better and better in every way.

* For more reading on epigenetics, the power of belief and the unconscious, I suggest Emile Coue, Bruce Lipton and Jon-Kar Zubieta (University of Michigan).

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