3 Ways to Get Re-Inspired When You're Stuck

Written by Katrina Love Senn

Life is a journey of highs and lows. The path is never direct, and rarely flat. Sometimes, the journey of life is one that brings much joy. Perhaps, we get the job we want, we manifest the relationship of our dreams, we celebrate something special or we move into a beautiful house.

But, sometimes, on the way to these magical places, it can be easy to get stuck.

Common indicators that you are ready to be re-inspired might be:

- Staying in a job where you feel bored

- Staying in a relationship that you have outgrown

- Wanting to follow your heart but feeling afraid

- Finding it hard to see the miracle and magic in each moment.

In this place on the journey, it is normal to feel frustrated, bored, or even angry or sad. Let this serve as an indicator that life is calling you to a new adventure. Acknowledge that your spirit is speaking to you and asking you to grow and expand.

Allow yourself the space to make mistakes and fail along the way. It is only by risking getting things wrong, that you can truly experience feeling fully alive. I like to think of this as learning in motion!

Become a shining example of what can be achieved in your life. Know that as you have the courage to look within and make continuous and positive changes, you inspire other people around you to go after their dreams.

In this article, let’s explore 3 ways that you can start to re-inspire your life and put yourself back on the path of living life fully!

1. Start surrounding yourself with inspirational people and resources: There are many ways that you can do this. In the world, there are plenty of inspirational people. Find a role model and spend “time“ with them, whether they be an inspirational teacher, author, healer and/or speaker. Immerse yourself in their language, their way of thinking and acting. Let this be someone who inspires you in an area that is important to you – this could be your health, success, personal development, relationships, career or creativity. Even if you can’t spend time with them directly, start out by reading inspirational books and listening to them via their audios and interviews. Let them gently lift you up to a new possibility for yourself and your life.

2. Reconnect back to your creative self: A few years after graduating from University with my Marketing degree, I found myself sitting at my desk, dressed in a suit, working in corporate land. After a prolonged period of feeling stuck in my life, I finally found the courage to quit my job and go to Art school. Now, I am not suggesting you need to do anything that dramatic! But, as a starting place, try enrolling in a creative art class, a pottery class, a creative drawing class or a dance class. Unleash your creativity and let your spirit be free. When I did this, I was surprised how different I felt about everything in my life.

3. Go on a yoga retreat: I have just come back from leading a yoga retreat in Italy. Over the week, I watched in amazement, as each person relaxed, laughed, ate wholesome food and reconnected back to their body. In just a few days, everyone looked so happy! They were literally shining! It truly is a magical process to witness. As people reconnect back to what is truly important in their lives, they release their past and start to radiate the energy of lightness and happiness.

Here is a shortened email I just received from one of my retreat participants…

“I hope you had a safe trip back home and that you could rest a bit. It's been an amazing week. I'm still on my cloud... and enjoying all the benefits of the retreat. I've got plenty of nice photos, so I'll send some via e-mail. And... I have started to write... I am enjoying just 'soaking' in the post retreat's side-effects. And it feels sooo good! Ciao bella.”

There is no reason for you to suffer any longer.

If you find yourself feeling stuck or frustrated in life, let this feeling serve as a gentle reminder for you to do something different.

Take action today so that you can start feeling truly inspired about your life, what you are doing, where you are going and the direction that you are heading in.

Know that there are many things you could do to move yourself forward. As a start, try putting yourself in inspirational environments, surrounding yourself with inspirational people, reconnecting back to creative desires, taking time out for yourself or take the plunge and book yourself on a yoga retreat. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

Give yourself permission to live an amazing and inspirational life. Allow your journey to be one of adventure, where you really get to experience the full richness of life.

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