The Key to Healing, Transformation & Prosperity

The best intentions in the world amount to nothing without solid, consistent action.

No secret.

It’s a lesson I’ve tried to teach my children since they were toddlers: “No matter how much you want to cross the street, if you don’t move your feet, you won’t get there.” Change requires action. Consistent action. Perseverance. And consistent action and perseverance cannot be interfered with by emotions.


For as long as you are governed by your emotions, your transformation and compliance to desired new ways of life and living are one way or another, doomed.

In laying the foundations for a successful metamorphosis from where you are now to arriving at where you want to be, you absolutely require a body/mind integration and activity.

We learn from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that the mind exerts the deepest influence on the body – and that freedom from sickness and instead, a life of wellness and thriving, depends upon contacting your own awareness, bringing it into balance, and then extending that balance to the body.

The principle goal of an awareness practice is to quiet the mind – shut out the voices and mayhem that take up residence there – so that you can see who you truly are. You can experience a degree of freedom. You can experience the essence of your nature; the nature of reality. “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”.

When you lead a completely emotional life, like so very many of us do, you become victim to your emotions. You become trapped in the cycle of automatic responses and patterns, many of which are undermining your health, happiness and prosperity. Emotions are beautiful and valuable but are not effective when they hold the reigns and steer the direction of your life. All that that amounts to is addictions, cravings, emotional eating and living without a greater vision or goal.

So… with these basic premises, how do you successfully and consistently manifest the change you so deeply desire – be it in the way you eat or feel or move or even in your relationships with yourself and others?

It all starts with choosing and committing to a daily awareness practice!

Now this doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive or a drag. The opposite. Simple. Free. Uplifting.

I love breathing meditations. Simply focusing on my breath and shutting out the chaos both around me and within my mind. You may prefer a form of Eastern exercise such as yoga or Tai Chi and the beauty here is that awareness is brought to physical activity. A magnificent marriage of Body, Mind and Soul. Perhaps it’s sitting in nature that does it for you.

What’s important is that it is a daily ritual. A practice you are dedicated to.

When you still your mind, when you bring awareness to your being, you create an environment within yourself that lives in accordance with peace, focus and success. From this foundation dreams, visions and goals can manifest. The message you transmit to the Universe and to yourself is based on calm and resultant determined, consistent, life supporting actions.

Over and over again, both in my clients and myself, I have seen the wild side sabotage progress. Yes, there’s a time and a place for me to party like the ‘hippie chick’ I am – but then too, there must be balance. When the wild child or restless emotion takes center stage too often, she undermines your growth and wellbeing.

So what’s your favorite daily awareness ritual? How do you bring peace and focus into your internal world? Write it down in the comments below and together, we can create an awesome resource to inspire others in attaining that magical zone, crucial for healing, transformation and prosperity.

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