The Awesome Healing Power of Breathing

The Awesome Healing Power of Breathing

How many of you are shallow breathers? I am. Why? Not sure. Fear? Anxiety? Perhaps I don’t breathe deeply because in some corner of my domesticated girl damage a deep breath means a rounded belly and a rounded belly is “bad”. You know what I mean? Suck it in, keep it slim. Yesterday that changed. I worked with the most amazing healer and for 90 minutes all we did was breathe – I mean REALLY BREATHE.

I got high. I cried. My body shook. I started to sweat, to laugh. The world opened up and kissed me. Whoa… It was frickin’ cool! Breathing can do that? You bet!

The deeper we went the more clarity I felt. I peeked at the dumb dumb beliefs that hold me back.The emotional vampires (renovate the rolodex!), physical blockages, and spiritual disconnects lit up like Christmas trees. Dang, after all this time I still have issues in my tissues. Well, I guess that’s kinda cool. No, I know that’s VERY cool. Solving the puzzle that is me is tres interesting. Never a dull moment on the path…

Lots of folks have advised me to practice pranayama – yeah, yeah, breath work – snooze (the voice of me before yesterday said). I’m definitely mindful of it in my yoga practice, but truthfully, it kinda ends there. Oftentimes before a speech my breath is like a roller coaster. If I don’t stop, drop, roll and pray, I shoot out of the gates with guns blazing and then fizzle out at the end. People love to watch my circus, but what the heck did I really say? The light show muffles the meaning. The craziest part about it is that I talk about the importance of breathing in my workshops. Healer: Heal thy self and quit the double standard!

At the end of my session I was an open vessel longing for a bucket of water to flush the muck that the breath dug up. I walked the streets of New York giddy and clear. It was spooky fun. In retrospect I never should have scheduled work meetings afterwards. Who knew that O2 can replace shrooms?

Without oxygen there is no life. Cancer hates oxygen. Without water there is no life. Water conducts energy, electricity. These two substances are key elements of life force. Are you getting enough of them?

Because it feels so good to feel so good, I’m going back for more. Come with me. Take some time to get frisky with your lungs. Listen to your body when it asks you for hydration.

Peace & a deep delicious, highly nutritious breath,


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