Are You a Self-Deprecator?

Are you a self-deprecator? When you look in the mirror do you automatically see your flaws, criticize your curves, or mourn over your fine lines?

I am getting fed up with our self-deprecation (myself included). How foolish are we? Why can’t we see the deep beauty that each one of us possesses?

We love others easily; we see the beauty in our partner, parent, child, etc. But when it comes to us all we see are our flaws. I hear this in yoga too! While walking down the hall from the studio I can hear someone saying, ‘Ugh…I look so big today’ or ‘Do these pants cover up my cellulite?’ When did we begin to treat ourselves and our bodies with such disrespect, we would never be so unkind to someone else.

It is heartbreaking to see wonderful, shining, and beautiful people so harshly criticize themselves.

I’ve had enough, c’mon let’s start a self-love revolution!

Let’s learn to love ourselves and our bodies!

Let’s let go of the imaginary “perfect” body and realize that our bodies are wonderful right NOW!

Let’s take back control of what we fill our minds with, knowing that positivity begets more positivity!

Let’s look in the mirror every morning and be thankful for what we see!

Let’s take a moment each day to let go of judgment!

Let’s truly embrace our own humanity, and love our flaws!

Let’s take back our light, believe in our beauty, and create a revolution of loving ourselves!!

No more negative words, no more harmful thoughts, no more self-criticism, no more judgment- just pure love, acceptance, and compassion!

Because YOU ARE WONDERFUL (& don’t you forget it)!

MUCH Love,

Jo Beth

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