How to Always Get What You Want

Having our dreams come true is the ultimate satisfaction of life. We love to get what we want. But what do we really want? It's a simple question, but one that many can't answer without going into a mental struggle between hopes, dreams, and expectations. A question so evident, yet so complex that an answer is never easily found. But somewhere between our racing thoughts, fantasies and outer expectations there lies a voice of truth. If that sounds a little too abstract, here are some tips to compliment the little voice that always pushes you to get exactly what you want.

Pay great attention to detail. The first step in getting what you want is simply creating a list of your wishes and then focusing in on the details. This involves a lot of self reflection. It is a process of developing an inner understanding of your unique identity. Happiness or money or a perfect partner are all great starting points, but they are not detailed enough.You need to search within yourself to get to the seed of your desires. Why do you want it? What are the intentions behind it? Wanting an ex back because you're lonely, wishing for revenge on a former rival or even hoping for an expensive car that you can parade around town are all desires without substance. They are also usually based on hurt egos or social expectations, not personal aspirations. Be careful to identify your own wishes, not the wishes of the people or the society that surrounds you. Remember everyone is different, there are no universal measures of success.

Be tactical in your approach. As great as you may be at multitasking in your daily life, when it comes to manifesting your wishes, it is best to focus on one item at a time. An overflow of thoughts and desires make it impossible for you to focus your energy on achieving something. Take it one step at a time and be a tactical warrior. After you identify your wishes, prioritize them in order of importance. Then put all your time and focus on the one that ranks first. When the first one has been achieved, move on to the next.

Have the ability to bounce back. Disappointment or failure can often put us into hiding. We decide to give up or suppress our wishes because we are embarrassed of our failures. Let those thoughts go. Each failure is a great tip on what doesn't work. And sometimes you have to go through all the things you shouldn't do in order to get to the formula that works best. So the lesson here is, have a thick skin and keep knocking on that door of opportunity. Sooner or later someone will answer.

Think you can and know you can. Get in touch with your optimism. Channel all your positive energy and thoughts into your wish. Don't just hope it will happen, know it will happen. As difficult as it is to remain happy in the face of adversity, never allow yourself to sink into a whirlwind of pessimistic fears. As cliche as it sounds, nothing positive can happen without a positive mindset.

Stay spontaneous and remain conscious. Let go of set plans. All we ever have in life is an outline. Have a focus but be open to pursuing different paths to get to your destination. When was the last time your life went according to plan? The universe is great at throwing us curveball, so be resilient but don't be stubborn. Sometimes there are unpredictable events in our lives that change us, therefore changing what we want. Be conscious of your changing wishes, stay flexible and adjust your direction accordingly.

The truth is, getting what you want is not easy, but it is completely attainable. There is no magic wand or sparkly fairy dust that can instantly materialize your dreams into reality. Only you can do that. But if you are willing to dig deep within yourself and keep your mind clear and focused, you can become your own personal genie in a bottle. Never restricting yourself to a three wish limit.

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