What My Imperfect Knees Taught Me About Life

If your boyfriend was a yoga teacher what would you ask him to do?!

I asked mine to help me with my knee. Being hypermobile, my joints move around too much - this sometimes shows up in my knee. We’ve been doing some practise together that includes conscious work on my knee.

In warrior position, he asked me to move my bent knee outwards so that it was directly in line with and over my foot. To start with, the only way I could do this was to move 75% of the weight on said foot over to the outside, lifting the inside edge of my foot clean off the floor.

But he wanted me to allow my weight to push into the floor through the inside of my foot and engage the muscles from down there all the way up the inside of my leg – to support and straighten my knee.

I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t get what he meant. Every time I put the weight back onto the inside of my foot, the knee fell back in again.

Despite feeling this, I carried on with the practise, each time approaching my mat with an open mind.

And this weekend something different happened. In warrior, my foot was evenly balanced on the floor. Suddenly, I felt something different. I felt power coming up from the inside edge of my foot. I felt all the muscles up the inside of my leg engage. I looked down and saw that my knee wasn’t falling inwards.

I’d allowed space for there to be something new; for a change to happen - and it had!

This experience with my knee is a metaphor for anything that you want to change in your life.

You have to:

Allow room for the new: Don’t shut the door on it just because you can’t do it now.

Give it conscious effort: Spend time with the thing you want to change.

Be patient: Show up with an open attitude. Don’t expect things to change right away. Set your intention and be persistent. Changes take time.

Trust: Even though you don’t know HOW it’s going to happen right now, trust that there IS a way.

My imperfect knees have taught me that if you consciously practise, engage your patience and have faith you can allow space for a little bit of real magic!

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