5 Things NOT to Do in Life

Written by Adam Alvarado

1. You don’t take what you don't give.

Society exists around the exchange of one thing: value. Whether it’s a purchase you make at the store, or a favor you ask of a loved one, or simply the fun you have amongst friends, they are all based on the positive value one exchanges with another, whether it’s money, time, effort, or emotions. Businesses don’t last if both customer and seller don’t both provide value. A relationship does not last unless both provide value. And living situations go sour when a roommate doesn’t provide value.

Until you have the means and ability to give value, you have the duty to refuse to take it.

2. You don’t censor your Self.

Too many people try to be everything to everyone. They try to be that person’s ideal person. No way. NEVER censor your truest self to try to impress or befriend another. Maybe it’s successful. But you’ll find yourself losing in the end.

3. You don’t work for another.

This has nothing to do with who signs your checks. Because it doesn’t matter whether you’re the partner at a law firm, or the burger dude at Wendy’s, whether you work at an office or do your own thing in life. You will NEVER be happy unless you work for your Self. Meaning that no matter who signs your checks or for whom you’re employed, you do it because YOU love it, or you do something on the side in your own time that you enjoy.

You don’t need to start your own business, but you do need work on something that speaks to you.

4. You don’t live for another.

Nobody in your life should be your everything in life. If there is anyone in your life that you now think you could NOT live without, then I should be the first to tell you that you might one day have to. The awesomeness of your life should be independent of those who are now in it.

5. You don’t NOT take action.

You get nothing in life without doing – without trying, and failing, and learning. You don’t get rich researching “how to make money”. You don’t learn how to be social by Googling “how to make friends”. You don’t lose weight by reading weight loss books. There’s too much information out there, and too little action. When you take action, you learn. When you take action, you grow. When you take action, you GET.

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