13 Ways to Find More Time

"There has been a great misunderstanding between life and time. Time is thought to consist of three tenses: past, present, future - which is wrong. Time consists only of past and future. It is life which consists of the present. So those who want to live, for them there is no other way than to live this moment.  Only the present is existential.  The past is simply a collection of memories, and the future is nothing but your imaginations, your dreams. Reality is herenow."--  Osho.

Every day has 24 hours, yet we always wish the days were longer. It's up to you to manage your time more efficiently. There are so many things that are wanted to be done, like exercise, eating well, reading a book, seeing a movie, going away for a few days, writing, even drinking water, and yet are not, and our mental and physical health is negatively affected.

I am guilty as well. There were times when I asked myself the same question (even while writing this article), and the same answer would always repeat: do less of __X___. Anything that could be thought of to be that variable is filed under the heading of Procrastination. Do less of procrastination. (In the 21st Century, procrastination = computer/iPhone/television). With procrastination comes excuses: "but I needed to", "but you don't understand", "but I felt", etc....

Some may say "but my job prevents me from having free time." It's a big statement. You need money to support yourself and others, but what are you supporting if you can't enjoy living? How much do you love your job and career? More than living healthy? I worked at a job that was no less than 12 hours daily and as long as 17 hours or more, going straight home to bed, to wake up and do it again. I switched careers and left money for freedom. Can you adjust your schedule? Get a new job? If not to all: then with the time you have, you can still make amazing changes.

Also, try new vocabulary. Use the word "transform" instead of "change." Think "change" as money, or what you would need to do with clothes or the channel. Transform your way of behaving, transform your way of thinking, transform your schedule, transform your living situation.  The word "transform" is much more powerful and uplifting than the word "change", with the connotation of needing to rid of something.

Some questions to ask yourself would be:

  • What do you need time for? Why?
  • What is stopping me from doing what I want/need to do? Why?
  • What are my excuses? Why?
  • Do I blame myself or others? Why?
  • What usually takes priority to cause my poor time management? Why?

In light of the concept that we all wish we had just one more hour on the clock, here are 13 ways to find more time:

1. Make a plan / schedule.

2. Give yourself extra or "buffer" time to get somewhere.

3. Prioritize.

4. Change or "transform" your routine. (ie: begin to schedule time for yourself)

5. Wake up earlier on the weekends.

6. Breathe. To breathe slows down the heart, creates space between your thoughts. Calms the mind and body, which enables you to be present.

7. Stop blaming other people and things, and turn the finger around on to yourself.

8. Get more sleep. (But how? Schedule it.)

9. Not eating enough? Bring food with you.

10. Be creative. (ie: multitask. Some say they can't do that. Ever brush your teeth and watch television at the same time? That's multitasking. Start off with small or a few tasks and go from there.

11. Stop complaining and do something! Live!

12. Try to remove this sentence from your line of thinking: "There's always tomorrow".

13. Become flexible. If something happens that was not planned, then take care of it. Try not to use up your energy stressing about something you cannot change.  There are many things that occur that are out of your control, and to let it all be, is the way to be.  You cannot change the tide, the rotation of the earth, someone's sneezing, traffic....

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