When Taking a Hit Helps

“Sometimes you take a hit on things...and sometimes your things take a hit.”

This quote, which was another from the interesting mind of my husband struck me.

At first I thought, “What does that mean?” Then after a minute I realized it made perfect sense.

Take the case of the actor, James Coburn.

James took a hit - or you could say his career took a hit--when he was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. He bounced back at the 71st Academy Awards where he won Best Supporting Actor for his role in in the film Affliction. He credited the turnaround in his health by treating his RA with alternative methods of healing such as fasting, among others.

We all know that when fire strikes in nature, nature also bounces back...sometimes stronger. Even a controlled burn can actually invigorate a field overrun with weeds or invasive species while stimulating germination of desirable species.

A hit, like a house fire, or a death in the family where everything - or an entire person - is “lost” can seem devastating at the time but also fruitful for a new beginning with, perhaps, new vigor or insight as to what is really important.

“Sometimes it takes losing everything you thought you needed to gain everything you ever wanted.” - #TheSW

Maybe the person doesn’t literally die, but a relationship ends - which is a death of sorts - and that becomes an opportunity to rebuild something new, start afresh. Brings to mind the old adage, “This or something better awaits me.”

A “hit” can actually be beneficial when you realize how easy it is to become attached to “things”.

How much do you actually need? To exist? To live on? To thrive? It’s usually a lot less than you think.

That’s when recycling or re-purposing something helps you clear out while helping someone else make better use of something (or someone) you may have outgrown.

It’s alright to mourn the loss, a necessary step really, but then let it go.

You can’t take it with you.

But you can believe that something better is in your future.

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