Life Is Like Ice Cream: What Flavor Are You?

Life is a living experience, which may seem like a daft thing to say, but there is quite a difference between surviving and living. Waiting for life to start or to be ‘perfect’ is the biggest delay to us experiencing our hearts greatest desire. Postponement sucks! If I asked you what you truly wanted more than anything else in the world I have a feeling that you would end up replying with peace, happiness, contentment, joy, unconditional love, freedom or at least something along those lines. Even if you said you wanted the partner, job or house of your dreams for example, I’d want you to be able to tell me what you’d gain by having those things?

Really take a time out to answer this question, it’s one of the biggies.

Whatever your answer I’m sure you’d end up at a delightful inner experience and probably one listed above. Living isn’t about outside stuff, belongings etc as much as we have been led to believe, it’s about experiencing now. Can I just say... phew!

It may seem an obvious thing to say that life is to be lived but how many of us are doing that fully and consciously? Now living fully doesn’t mean climbing every mountain or riding on the back of sharks or some other ‘on the edge’ kind of thing. It’s living everyday from your own truth, with contentment and sharing love and from there, do the shark riding thing. Why settle for settling, surviving or getting through your life? You were made for much more joy than that.

You are here to give your uniqueness to the world, to share your passions and your joys with others so they can enjoy that too.

We’re all here to inspire and create and help each other to be all that we can be whilst making it playful and easy. If you are here to help people heal, do so with humility and love. If you are here to fix things like cars and technical wot-nots, fix them, with joy. If you are here to climb mountains, raise children, discover treasure, teach, lead, tailor, fly, sail, design, cook, do so, with great love knowing you are not resisting that magic unique part of you that makes you You! Isn’t funny that no one can do it the way You do it!

Imagine the different ice creams in an ice cream parlor wishing they were another flavor, comparing what elements they did or didn’t have that made them better or worse than another... “I wish I had praline”, “Ooooh look at the pistachios in that one, no one will choose me if I’ve not got pistachios, I should get pistachios, I wonder if I should get some pistachio implants?”, “Rum and Raisin? Some ice creams get all the luck, born with a silver spoon no doubt.” But what’s missed is the wonder and delight of the flavor that they already are! Strawberry Cheesecake, how satisfying. Some flavors aren’t for everyone, but they’re always for someones taste. Pickled onion flavor might be a bit of a stretch for most but you know someone will appreciate the eccentricity of it, somewhere! You are the right flavor of cosmic ice cream you don’t need to be any other. (I'll take vegan ice cream!) Now you won’t be told that every day (or ever again probably) so enjoy.

We are all as we should be, otherwise why would we be here as we are?

Simplistic? Yes, but why shouldn’t life be that easy. Imagine the pressure that gets taken off your shoulders by living with the assumption that you are as you should be, there’s nothing wrong with you and you are ‘right on’ not ‘en route’, where you are meant to be vs. on the way there (and where is there by the way people?).

Even the times when it seems you couldn’t be further off track, what if those times were exactly where you were meant to be so that you could discover a new part of yourself, a new skill, appreciate something about you or the world, or you got to remember to love who you are just as you are. That would be a relief right? So assume the position, so to speak, that there’s nowhere else you should be right now. This doesn’t mean sit in one place forever but just assume that you’re meant to be where you are and as you are in this moment. No resistance, no judgement, no compromise. Every aspect of you is required as it is, right now. You’ll change, evolve and learn new things as you go however as you’re always as you ‘should’ be because you can’t be anything else.

What a relief! Now pass that spoon, anyone else got a real craving for ice cream?

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