Vanessa Williams: Diet & Fitness Secrets & Dealing with Stress!

Vanessa Williams, 47, looks better than ever. Find out about her body "troublespots", her workout and beauty secrets, and how she deals with stress as she graces the cover of Prevention Magazine:

Her Diet Secret:

"Cutting down portions. If you're full, stop. Push the plate away--you don't have to finish it all. Trouble Zone."

Her Trouble-Area:

"My midsection, because I've had four kids. Having flat abs is just one of those dreams."

Workout Secret:

"I was doing Pilates before people even knew how to spell Pilates. I started with [Pilates guru] Mari Winsor after my first child, 22 years ago. She used to come backstage and do a mat floor workout with me when I was doing Kiss of the Spider Woman on Broadway. Core strength balances your entire body. It pulls your shoulders back, tucks in your pelvis, makes you walk straighter, and gives you great posture."

On Dealing with Stress:

"In the summertime, I find a place in the sun, do my crossword puzzle, have my chai tea, and relax. The older I get, the more I realize there's less to stress about. I'm happy to be alive and surrounded by family. I'm grateful for everything I've achieved in my life, for all that I've been given. When you approach each day with gratitude, it's a lot easier to not be stressed."

Beauty Favorites:

She has a few favorite products, including La Fleur Organique Anti Aging Cream which contains natural ingredients made from plants.

Get the entire scoop at Prevention Magazine

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