5 Tips To Heal Yourself & Feel Good Right Now

We all deal with stress. And no matter what we do, stress is going to happen. Body-wrecking anxiety though, is something that's not acceptable. Once I dug deep and discovered what triggered my own stress and subsequent anxiety, I learned how to eliminate it or, at the least, dramatically reduce it.

For me pharmaceutical remedies are not an option. I choose instead to go the alternative, natural way to balance out my system. Here are some of the holistic remedies that worked for me:

1. Seriously, Just Take A Deep Breath.

Has anyone told you to “ take a deep breath” and you want to smack them? I know, it can seem like this suggestion utterly trivializes what you are feeling, but this is actually the quickest, surest way to release the anxiety pressure valve.

The trick though, is about breathing "good." Stress bearing down on you causes rapid, shallow breathing - this is some of that good ‘ol ‘fight or flight' response reactionary stuff. True deep breathing, or abdominal breathing, automatically engages the body’s innate relaxation response. This calms us, gives us a moment to pause, stop the reactive thinking, and reduces some of that intense tension that stress brings on. Good breathing immediately improve our mood and even helps to repair our immune systems.

Important note; rapid, shallow breathing increases carbon dioxide in our blood and this reduces oxygen to our brains. This unhealthy increase in CO2 will make us feel extra tired, even depressed. Chronic increase in CO2 and we will get the anxiety and panic attacks and for some, nasty, debilitating phobias start to creep in... all you have to do is literally stop and breathe deeply. This can be very nourishing for your nervous system.

2. The Vitamins Have It Covered.

There are some pretty fabulous vitamins and key nutrients that can strengthen your body and mind. When I needed to heal and come back from exhaustion I had to address the core issues emotionally and spiritually, but I also turned to vitamins and minerals. Naturopaths recommend for stress and anxiety;

  • Vitamin C -- 1000 to 3000 mg daily
  • Vitamin D -- 400 I.U (800 if you are dramatically depleted) daily
  • Vitamin B6 -- 100 - 300 mg daily
  • Vitamin B12 -- 500 - 2000 mcg daily
  • Pantothenic Acid (B5) -- 500 - 1000 mg daily for one to two weeks, reduce to 250/ 500 daily
  • Magnesium 500-750 mg daily
  • Folic Acid 400 mg daily
  • Milk Thistle 525 mg daily for one week for liver cleanse
  • Blood Builders (great digestible iron compound found in better health food stores)

You should obviously always consult with your doctor or nutritionist before starting any supplement program; not all things work for all people and not all amounts are what you will need. There is a wonderful book, Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by Dr. James L. Wilson that I definitely recommend.

3. Develop A Social Support System.

A “social support system” by the way, does not refer to your social media posts and tweets! This vital system is best made up of friends and family that you can see in person or at least speak to on the phone and through personal emails. These people should be supportive, positive, objective and give you a genuine sense of belonging and emotional security. Your supportive friends don't have feel pressured to solve all your problems. They are just people that can join you for a walk, for dinner, or even for a yoga class. Securing for yourself a trusted support system will help you stay grounded and can just help to get your mind off your stressors.

4. Exercise - You Just Gotta’ Have Some. 

Whether your workout of choice is a good run, a scenic hike, Pilates or yoga, exercise of any kind gets those endorphins flowing into your brain. It balances out your sympathetic with the parasympathetic in your nervous system. The endorphins are our bodies "feel-good chemicals;” they help us deal with all types of pain.... and any feel-good, natural chemical that can do that is well, very, very good.

5. Find Your Purpose. 

Life can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can feel as if all we spend our time on is figuring out how to pay our bills, take care of the kids, keep our jobs, and not come unglued. When the work piles up or when our finances feel stretched, each of us benefits greatly from something that gives us a sense of meaning, purpose, and significance.

Staying sane, and calm, and in control in a world of so much daily hysteria can be a challenge. But if you fuel yourself with good food, good company, balance it out with a few helpful vitamins, and find a workout that works for you, you may discover your purpose is YOU -- and that good life waiting for you is purposeful enough and can be truly stress-free!

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