Real-Life Manifestations From Wayne Dyer, Christy Turlington, Krista Allen & More!

Written by Jennifer Pastiloff

I have a series called The Manifestation Q&A Series on my blog where I interview inspiring people from all over the globe who are manifesting their dreams on a daily basis. The first question I ask each person is "What are you most proud to have manifested in your life?"

I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite answers from the series so far in hopes that you will be as inspired as I am by these folks.

What Are You Most Proud To Have Manifested In Your Life?

1) Dr. Wayne Dyer

"The divine love in my heart."

(Wayne Dyer is my beloved teacher and the reason I call my company Manifestation Yoga)

2) Best-Selling Author of Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani:

"Healing from cancer! By far that is the most important manifestation of my life! But I am also incredibly proud to have written a book! I never thought I could write, so it feels really surreal to realize that I have actually authored a book that is being published by Hay House! What a dream come true!"

3) Good Morning America Correspondent & Actor, Cameron Mathison: 

"A family so full of love. We are so incredibly close it’s amazing. Just this morning my 5 yr old daughter said she wanted to marry her brother Lucas. Then she added… And Daddy! Just lots of love.

We are a family that tries to emphasize Love and kindness. We take the kids to a Sunday morning “Dharma for Kids” class where there is a little meditation and a teaching on Love, patience, generosity, compassion etc… So sweet.

We really feel grateful for what we have and continue to try and bring meaning into our lives by being a benefit to others. I think I’m most proud to have manifested that. A family that seems to be on a spiritual path together:)"

4) Actress, Amy Jo Johnson: 

"About six years ago I drastically changed everything. I packed up my life and left Los Angeles. I hit the road to “find out”. I was about 35 years old and desperately needed to manifest happiness. I became a gypsy for a few months before ending up in Montreal where I finally sorted through some of the monsters in my head. I needed a break. I needed to just stop and let go. What I discovered beneath all my fear was that I never really knew who I was. What I wanted. So, after a two-year sabbatical and a new lease on life I found my husband, got pregnant, and landed the best job of my career pretty much all at the same time. We now live in Ontario, which I LOVE! And I’m in the middle of filming the fifth season of the TV show I had landed. I feel so blessed with the life I’ve created. But I know that none of it would have happened if I didn’t have the courage to shake things up six years before. I believe we must live BOLDLY if we want to manifest our dreams."

5) Artist and Photographer, Robert Sturman

"One day, about 2 years ago, I woke up and I made a choice that I was going to become the human being I had always dreamed of being. I no longer wanted to have a fantasy about it. I wanted to find out what it meant to honor who I truly am and say yes to all of the things that supported that. I wanted to experience life at my full potential.

It was nothing short of an internal revolution. Everything that made me tense up and resist, like building a website, keeping impeccable financial books, organizing a business plan, taking great care of my body, etc… I was going to move in that direction. It was a personal Renaissance in which I was determined to integrate my wild, creative Artist self with the mathematician/businessman. A full integration of left and right brain. I found it so limiting to continue to buy into the excuse that I am an Artist and I am not supposed to be good at this and that. Bullshit! And with hard work I manifested a man who found just as much satisfaction in learning code to build a website as in going out into the world with my camera. This has given me a great sense of peace, because I harmonized the different parts of myself.."

6) Best Selling Author, Karen Salmansohn:

"I am most proud of my now 19 month old son – my miracle child – as I’m a late in life mom. My son is the kindest and happiest child – always smiling. Already at 16 months, it’s obvious he’s a milk bottle “half full” kinda guy! Truly. Someone in my building came up to me the other day and said, “Your son is doing the building a public service. He’s always smiling that big happy smile – and waving hello to everyone – making everyone who sees him so very happy. He always makes my day. My son truly has the most beautiful spirit.

And I also have great appreciation for being able to do my passion of writing and designing books and posters which help empower people to live their most fulfilling lives – my brand of what I call “self help for people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing self help."

7) Christy Turlington, Supermodel and Founder of Every Mother Counts

"My family."

8) My Client Spencer Paysinger, NY Giants Linebacker (SuperBowl 2012 Winners): 

"In high school I was actually a receiver. In order to be a linebacker, I had to completely re-scuplt my body. I am most proud to have manifested where I am today. A linebacker on The Giants."

9) Jennifer Meyer MaguireJewelry Designer and Wife of Tobey Maguire: 

"My family, My husband, My children, My friends, I feel like I am a very lucky girl surrounded by a lot of love."

10) Actress Krista Allen, Star of the New Show The L.A. Complex

"I'm most proud to have manifested every bump, bruise, failed relationship and painful experience in my journey so far. .. Without THAT … I wouldn't be here. I had to create my life as being "manifested" in a way that was so contrary to who I AM. There is a profound beauty for me in the message here … I got to see myself. Like really truly, unabashedly look at the shadow side of ME… of my own special I AM-ness … all of it! Then, with that awareness… my gratitude went deeper, even more authentically, and I have come to the brilliant place of owning my personal power and my right to freedom. It's amazing. The love and friendship and opportunities that are currently present in my life fill me with so much gratitude. I am happy. …. There's no place like Ohhhhhmmmmmmm."

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