5 Ways to Celebrate Life Everyday

Written by Andi Saitowitz

There is much excitement at home as we eagerly prepare for my son's 6th birthday party. The invitations, the entertainment, the food, the presents and of course - the cake! Balloons, music, dancing and excitement fill the air and for one brief moment I think - wow, what if every day were like this?

Could we possibly be this excited every day?

Could we have something to look forward to everyday?

Could we spoil ourselves every day?

Could we possibly feel this loved and this special every day?

I know there is absolute reason to celebrate life everyday- in fact hundreds of reasons! Here are five:

1. Fill your home with flowers, love, and music . We don’t always need a specific reason or date to party. Life's a party and the fact that we have so much to live for, appreciate and share is reason enough!

2. Spoil yourself. It doesn’t have to be something luxurious and expensive. But small treats and reinforcements for acknowledging how far you have come, how strong you are and how special you are is something we can do every day. Even allocating a few minutes of "me" time is a treasured treat for most of us.

3. Blessings and gratitude. We don’t need to let the people we love know it only once a year. We can make sure that the people who mean the most to us, always know they are valued, appreciated and needed. Not only when we thoughtfully create a birthday card filled with wishes, blessings and thanks - but every day, expressing how lucky we feel to have them in our world.

4. Dance. Moving your body is something we do every anyway so why not do it with style, passion and enthusiasm. The same way we feel free and full of energy on the dance floor, that’s how we can live every day. Play your favorite song and dance like no one's watching you. Enjoy what you do and have fun!

5. Superpowers. On our birthday we feel special, purposeful, filled with hope and possibility - we are powerful. We forget that we have superpowers that are with us always and it is our choice whether we use them or not to do so much good in this world.

So let's celebrate everything we are and everything we have with mind, body and soul!

We can't regenerate time and we do not know how many birthdates we will get to mark off on our calendars. But we can absolutely celebrate our days right now, and not wait for that once a year because there's no time like the present!

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