5 Ways to Give More

Often times when we think of giving, our mind goes straight to the thought of monetary gifts. Knowing that monetary gifting is not always a possibility and that giving should become a daily activity, here are 5 tips to help you give more EVERYDAY!

1. The gift of grace: When you are confronted with a frustrating or difficult confrontation, choose to react with grace. Take a breath, asses the situation, and then react with grace—the ripple effect will be great, you may just change your confronters day ?

2. The gift of acceptance: Choose to accept others, as they are TODAY. And choose to accept yourself just as you are TODAY! That is a gift that keeps on giving, with acceptance comes joy, love, and radical greatness!!

3. The gift of kindness: Take a moment to give a kind word to a friend, loved one, or stranger. You may be the first and only kind word they hear in their day, what an amazing gesture of love!

4. The gift of patience: Instead of flipping out in traffic, or being frustrated with the slow-poke in front of you in the grocery line, choose to treat the situation with patience. Not only will you be giving others in traffic, grocery line, etc. the gift of not having to see the steam coming out of your frustrated ears—you will be giving yourself the gift of gaining more patience, and creating a calm center.

5. The gift of SMILING: OK this one is HUGE! A smile is a wonderful and magical gift! When you give it to someone they will give it back, that smile can bounce its way around the globe, leaving blossoming hearts wherever it lands. So, if you are feeling down, offer a smile to yourself, to a stranger, to a friend, and I bet that your frown will turn upside down!

By giving more we get more; more love, more joy, more kindness. Make the decision to give a little more today, remembering that today and every day is a gift just for us!

MUCH Love,

Jo Beth

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