5 Reasons to Be Authentic

Written by Ashley Taylor

Authentic, Authenticity, Your true self – these are all words that get tossed around a lot. Yet how many people are fully “authentic” all the time? It can be seemingly impossible to be you – uncovered, raw, real in all situations. Think of all your social, romantic, business situations and pause reflect and ask yourself “is that really me or am I choosing what parts of me I am sharing in this situation?” Chances are if you are like me a year ago – you are a different version of yourself given the setting. We become “mask collectors” we tend to hide certain traits and quirks about ourselves to fit the situation and people surrounding us. In a corporate office setting you may tone yourself down and be a lot more formal than you might be at a bar with close friends. You might also find discover that you put on different versions of yourself with different friends. Let’s say one group of friends are sports fanatics – you brush up and rev up that part of you, while another group might be big into self-improvement and health you change and put the focus on that part of you…

You see what I mean? We often mold ourselves and put emphasis on certain characteristics of ourselves while hiding the other parts. We begin collecting our masks and storing them away to pick from given the situation we are about to embark on. Now obviously there will still be those certain situations where we wouldn’t want to be our full self {a corporate office might be one of the best examples of this} but I firmly believe that throwing out the masks we’ve collected over the years and stepping out boldly as our authentic selves in all settings and groups is both freeing and downright respectful.

A few reasons for my case:

1. Earns you mad respect.

When we stand by what we truly believe in, putting our values above others is what earns us respect. It’s not about going with the crowd (unless that is true to you) it’s about being true to you. Sometimes you may not agree with the rest, you do not need to follow just to be liked. Respect is earned by being that person in the room that is so firm in his/her beliefs that they will not let the crowd sway their opinion. Own your truths, stand up, stand out.

2. Opens doors for real honest connections.

If we always reach for the “safe” masked version of ourselves we can shape ourselves to fit in and be “liked” in any given setting. At the end of the day though how many of these people do you actually enjoy spending time with? Are you fitting in just for the sake of being liked? When we stop trying so incredibly hard to change and shift our persona within different groups is when we make room for the deep, honest and purposefully rich connections. Remember not every single person is going to like  you but having faith that the real you is in fact awesome will make room for those people that absolutely adore the real you.

3. It’s so much easier…

When we do not have to worry about thinking about how we are acting, what we should be hiding and what we should sharing it makes life so easy, freeing and downright happy! Life is meant to be enjoyed, experienced and not so difficult. We should not be in our heads and pausing in thought and worry before we speak. When we allow ourselves to just be – in the moment, going with the flow not always stopping and thinking up the perfect response given the situation it is absolutely freeing.

4. Authenticity is downright sexy appealing

Sexy is YOU {the REAL you}. Sexy is not the person that is putting on airs and not being honest. Trying too hard is anything but sexy. By being authentic you open yourself up and allow yourself to being vulnerable and raw. I don’t know about you but someone that feels so comfortable that they let themselves be vulnerable is incredibly sexy.

5. No more non-serving nights

When we do in fact wear the masks to fit into every scenario we wind up losing ourselves in the shuffling and hiding different parts of ourselves. If you are in a situation that you come home from and just think to yourself why or what a waste of time…it is not serving you or the other person. When you find your true authenticity and allow it to be showcased all the time you will begin to gain clarity on this and figure out what situations just don’t feel right. Remind yourself that if it is not serving you chances are it’s not serving the other person either.

Show up. Be yourself. Live, laugh, go with your gut instinct, be present, be raw and most of all be authentic.

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