What You Need to Know About Colonic Therapy

Certified Yoga Teacher By Julie Wilcox, MS
Certified Yoga Teacher
Julie Wilcox, MS is a registered yoga teacher through YogaWorks and the founder of The Julie Wilcox Method. Wilcox has written yoga and nutrition articles for various media outlets.
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Colonic therapy was foreign to me until I interviewed colonic hygienist Gil Jacobs. I have never been a cleanser or a juicer and although I have many friends who go for their annual colonoscopy, I had honestly never heard of colonic therapy until recently. My friend revealed that she sees Gil Jacobs, who she calls “The guru of colonics in NYC,” for therapy once a week. She explained that there is a physical part of colonic therapy during which you get your colon cleaned out, but that there is also diet and emotional components of the treatment as well. My friend does not necessarily get the physical cleanse every week; sometimes she will just go to talk. I was interested to speak with Jacobs as well, and she is no joker when it comes to food and a conviction that we were always meant to be herbivores. Below are excerpts from our conversation:

JW: What is a colonic?

GJ: A means of washing out the large intestine’s waste from years of food collecting in it that is not meant for human consumption.

Why doesn’t the body get rid of such foods?

Humans are only meant to live on fruits, vegetables, and as babies mother’s milk. Everything else to a given varying degree sticks in the system. The reason that vegetable and fruit waste can pass through the system and other food waste cannot has to do with the electromagnetic charges of the foods we eat in relation to the charge of our body. The body’s charge is a negative ionic charge. Foods such as fruit and vegetables are also negative. Negative charges coming together create an alkaline or neutralizing and absorption-enhancing environment. The opposite occurs with heavily positive ionic foods such as meats, breads, alcohol, cigarettes, pasteurized dairy, soybeans, and peanuts. When these foods hit our negatively charged bodies they stick to the body like a magnet. Most of the American diet, which includes sugar, carbs, etc., gets retained in the cells. When positively charged foods collect in the cells they become highly acidic. They sit in our organs inflaming them and robbing the body of oxygen. They clog our circulation. Our blood gets poisoned. As people get older there is an accumulation of waste from unfit foods, chemicals, and negative emotions. What are inconveniences to us in our twenties and thirties become deadly when they manifest as diseases later on in life. The body cannot tolerate a cheeseburger; seventy percent of a cheeseburger stays in the system. But with negatively charged foods, such as an apple, the nutrients get absorbed into the small intestine. What makes it into colon, what is left, passes and becomes waste matter.

Many people believe that humans have evolved to be carnivores? How would you address this?

I would say first of all, there is no doubt about us being primates and like gorillas, we are meant to eat leaves, fruits, and water. Our hands are analogous to those of primates, which are meant for plant mashing. The same goes for our teeth. We don’t have big gigantic fangs and hands like lions and tigers. In addition, our livers and small intestines are close to those of other primates unlike tiger organs, which are a whole different thing.

How long have you been doing this for?

Twenty-three years ago I got into it for my own healing and then began practicing.

Who are your clients?

They are 98% female, aesthetic, and right brain people such as artists, progressive thinkers, dancers, writers, psychologists, people in fashion, sick people, and some Wall Street people.

How do you get them?

All of my clients come to me by referral.

How often do they come?

It depends. The better your diet is, meaning the more plant and fruit-based it is, the more you can and might like to come once a week to once every three weeks. People who eat everything have to come less frequently because they have to prepare for the procedure. Without preparation it can be painful and there are more risks. What makes colonics work is the fiber and enzymes of the raw foods. The mere sweeping of the intestines with colonic water will not move out the bad stuff. First the bad stuff needs to be moved out by good foods. If you eat everything colonics can hurt like hell.

Can you give me a sample of a day of being on your preparation diet? What would I eat?

Breakfast: Fruits like mangos, green grapes, strawberries, and blueberries.

Lunch: Green Salad, brown rice, yams, brussel sprouts, quinoa

Dinner: Salads and protein

I would love to hear about what happens in a visit?

I start by asking clients who referred them to me. Then I ask them if they have symptoms that a medical doctor would indicate and to tell me their goals. I try to gauge if they are just dissatisfied with how they feel, are they too heavy, exhausted or what. I ask them for a 10-minute sermon about what’s wrong with their life.

Then we start the treatment. I place a steel metal speculum like a wishbone into their rectums—one tube connects to tank water (sometimes with lemon or hydrogen peroxide added), which flushes into the system-- the other receives and takes out the waste. During the procedure we talk about everything from relationships to diet. I am a big believer in letting the mind go. As I’ve mentioned, negative thoughts and emotions are as harmful as are poor foods. I want my clients to forget that the colonic is going on and to release the build up of negativity from all of their systems.

What are the benefits of colonic therapy?

There is only one-way to a healthy the body, cleansing. The only cause of sickness in the human body is retention of food not fit for human consumption. It’s an intuitive science. Good colonics can heal everything if you can release the unfit stuff from your body.

What are the potential risks?

The only risk is if the person coming has anorexia or bulimia. You can inflame the colon if someone is not eating well.

Diet is life.

How much does a session cost?


What books do you recommend people read to educate themselves about foods and colonic therapy?

The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose

The Beauty Detox Solution by Kim Snyder

The Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Egret

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